Top Trending List of Arab Youtubers in 2019

Youtube has been hosting Arabic content since its very opening in 2005 with a presence that can be constantly felt all throughout the years. Has the video-hosting service itself gained popularity and dominance in the internet, Youtube itself has expanded its sources for content by reaching out to Egypt and the Arab world.

In keeping with this, they began with the installation of Youtube Space in Dubai and plans to open a number of offices and techno hubs in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia other counties in the Middle East soon. This coupled with the increased decensorship and inclusion of the Arab cyberspace to the World Wide Web means that a growing number of young Arabs are hungry for content in which they can relate and feel spoken to.

Hence, it creates a segment in the world market that is looking to be filled as more and more Arab users of Youtube has rapidly been growing in online numbers as these societies begin to accept the wonders of the internet and has YouTubers themselves begin to capitalize on this largely unexplored segment of the market by creating more Arab-centered content.

So is it really any wonder that with every passing year, more of these Arab channels are gaining popularity among mainstream audiences and revolutionizing how the world sees Youtube videos. In the process, they pave the way for increased education, equality of genders, and tolerance among different social groups all along the way. Indeed, these Arab YouTubers are poised to take the internet by storm.

Laila Maurad

This Lebanese-Canadian vlogger had her beginnings on Youtube by uploading a series of videos concerning her weight loss journey and workout routines. In more recent times, however, she has turned to videos about her personal life and her experiences during travel; creating a loyal following and building a brand all on her self.

In a relatively short span of time, Maurad has gained a following of 600,000 subscribers and a total of approximately 16.2 million views on Youtube making her one of the most successful Arab YouTubers to-date.

The Hybrid

One of the most notable fashion bloggers in Kuwait, Ascia AKF is an Instagram influencer with 2 million followers and a highly successful vlogger on Youtube with 160,000 subscribers which she does with her husband Ahmad ASB. She is also known to do frequent collaborations with a wide range of beauty, fashion, and dermatological products; making reviews of them on her channel.
She is also a businesswoman with her fashion startup company, Desert Baby Kuwait, thus, changing how people regard Arab women in the world of business in the modern age.


Giving the very concept of creative content a run for its money, Ahmed El-Ghandour or Da7ee7 as he is more commonly known, is a pioneer in providing educational videos that strive to explains complex lessons in such a fun and comedic way that it seems as easy as counting 1 to 3. He also aims to promote education among Arab youth while trying to keep learning fun and enjoyable for all ages.

He may be considered successful in his endeavors as his content has garnered him 500,000 subscribers and 18 million views on Youtube alone.

Njoud Al Shammari

Based in Saudi Arabia, Shammari is certainly one of the most prolific and influential Youtubers of the Arab world. She creates videos on a wide range of subjects that include but are not limited to: comedy, tutorials, and interesting beauty and life tips. She is also one of the most well know Arab female YouTubers in the worlds and has made strides in changing common misconceptions about Arab women while also promoting and supporting women’s rights.

Shammari is also regarded as a figure of female empowerment of Saudi women and with 1.2 million subscribers and was chosen as the most influential Saudi Woman on Youtube in 2017.

Gabbie Hanna or The Gabbie Show

With a successful music career and 6 million views, subscribers on Youtube, the comedian and former Vines star of Lebanese, Polish, and French descent is known for honest, personal, and often hilarious content and her playful story-telling. She is a winner of numerous awards and an accomplished author. She is also one of many Arab-American YouTubers trying to change the common public misconceptions concerning Arabians and Islam.

Anwar Jibawi

Frequently with his friends Zach Bach, Jerry Purpdank, and other top viners, he knows has had a successful movie career that the Palestinian-American carries with him to his Youtube channel where he publishes videos that are always professionally shot and laden with blockbuster quality.


An educational and historical channel that also offers philosophy and science with a drizzle of comedy in the simplest and most understandable way that really anybody from anywhere can comprehend with ease.

The founder, Ahmed Samir, described the channel by saying “Egychology, first and foremost, is a service to the people, and it did not and will not change it’s goal, and that is to offer a light in the darkness”. This enforces the channel’s desire to be of service to people and to continuously put out quality content.

Karim Metwaly

Also known as Karim Jovian, this NYC based Egyptian-American is known for producing a number of both hilarious and thought-provoking social experiments, pranks, vlogs, and other videos. He is also known for making commentary on current social issues like religion, sexism, and race. He identifies as a proud Muslim and hopes to change much of the fears and apprehensions people of the West have with regards to people of Arab countries.


As an Egyptian scriptwriter and content creator for her channel Espitalia, Eman El-Emam takes the initiative to create and publish content on the fields of medicine that intended to educate an audience of young Arabs. Even with a following of only 10,000 subscribers, her channel has been selected among hundreds of other channels for Youtube’s NEXT UP CLASS of 2018. Now, Espitalia is offering its content to the tune of 500,000 subscribers and, in 2018, was also selected to be a part of Youtube’s NEXT UP MENTORS of 2018.


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