Top Restaurants in Cairo

Egypt, a country with a rich history in ancient artifacts as well as many touristic attractions, it is also a country that is full of many famous restaurants with a wide variety of different cuisines and tastes. There is a splendid amount of choices that can be made that will make you pleasantly surprised with the selection and quality that can be pursued. Most of the famous restaurants in the capital city of Egypt can be found internationally along with the traditional Egyptian food which is definitely worth trying when visiting or living in this beautiful country. Besides the famous restaurants that can be found you can also find some of the best dishes in many of the popular hotel chains in Egypt, where famous chefs actually make arrangements to host certain food festivals and weekly events that can be considered an unforgettable experience for the food lovers around the world. One of the main places for the best restaurants would be Cairo. The capital city is a place where ancient meets modern, the crowded streets offer just about everything from afternoon coffee to late night snacks, where you can enjoy the best Egyptian experience within their Arabic music, to dining within the finest restaurants while enjoying the beautiful view of the Nile river.

Top restaurants in Cairo

In the past few years the prices in the Egyptian market has seen a high rise in some of the best restaurants making the prices almost similar to some of the high class restaurants whether in North America or Europe. However, where the prices have raised, don’t expect the value or quality to fall as well which is never the case. There are many restaurants where prices are still considered affordable and the food will always remain delicious no matter the price. Just remember that cheaper restaurants in Egypt can obtain lack of service, quality and sometimes even cleanliness but with the higher establishments, you will never be disappointed with all that is stated above.  Most of the restaurants mentioned below serve both traditional food from the country itself as well as famous international cuisines that can be enjoyed by anyone. The food is well made and fresh as many of the restaurants can also offer options for those who claim to be vegetarian. It’s easier nowadays to look online and find the unlimited options for eating out within the country, but the list below will offer you a good place to start for discovering the truly unique and amazing atmosphere among the delicious restaurants that offer the most delicious food within the capital city of Egypt and other cities as well.  


Main Cuisine: Traditional Egyptian

Location: 26th of July Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone:  +20 22 735 9640

Abou El Sid is a hip and young traditional Egyptian place that gives the best impression with its amazing and impressive interior designs and decorations with a lot of attention to detail to enjoying the atmosphere as much as you can enjoy the traditional cuisine itself. The menu is nothing short of spectacular and the traditional Egyptian dishes is served with a personal touch. The main dishes in this famous restaurant include stuffed sausages cooked and served in the “Abou El Sid” way, veal liver made under the same way as it is cooked in Alexandria. The menu also includes traditional dishes such as a number of grilled meat specialties like rabbit, duck or pigeon which is made in the typical Egyptian delicacy manner. Abou El Sid was actually just a local restaurant and with their great reputation it is now considered a national franchise across the country. This restaurant is very popular within the tourists and locals as much as it is popular with the upper-class residents as well.


Main Cuisine: Traditional Egyptian

Location: 26th of July St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone:  +201 0231 52510

Founded in 2012, Zooba restaurant opened its first branch in Zamalek. It was considered a local restaurant just serving dishes for breakfast such as falafel and foul in a small and colorful shop in the middle of a greyscale street with many shops and other restaurants around. Within the time of the restaurant operations, they served many customers and became popular because of their sense of strong flavors and cleanliness within their most popular Egyptian dishes. Over time, they managed to develop their menu and include more and more traditional dishes making it a go-to spot whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner. After they opened their first branch in Zamalek, they expanded their horizons and opened other branches in City Stars and Maadi in 2014, followed by Downtown Mall in New Cairo, Korba in Heliopolis and just recently opening their sixth branch in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City. They actually broke international boundries by signing a franchise agreement to set up shop in the countries of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and currently opening up their first branch in the city of New York. Zooba’s main dishes consist of their own whole-grain Koshari, chicken liver Hawashi as well as sakalans sandwiches where they actually have their own fresh oven-made bread to accompany their delicious dishes. With its tremendous decorations whether you are sitting indoors or outdoors, this restaurant is considered a hidden treasure to discover in Cairo.


Main Cuisine: Traditional Mongolian/Chinese

Location: 3 Road 233, Deglaa Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: +2 01227368498

 It is not often that you would come across a restaurant that serves both Mongolian and Chinese traditional cuisines in the city of Cairo. The restaurant is located on the ever popular Road 233, which actually has a high percentage of Asian restaurants which include many expats that would like to enjoy their own cuisine of their homeland. The front of the restaurant is made of glass which provides an amazing view of daylight and the greenery nature in the district of Maadi. The menu is served in both languages of English and Mongolian, it is quite hard to distinguish which dishes were traditionally Mongolian or Chinese but either way it is worth trying regardless what you decide to choose. As soon as you make your order, you will receive a kettle of green tea as well as cold beverages such as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available as well. The main dishes being served in this restaurant would be the sweet and sour chicken, beef with potatoes, tofu with soy sauce and last but not least, rice with eggs. Their portions will not disappoint you as well as the prices are very affordable. It is owned and run by nationals from China, the restaurant is well known for impressing their customers regardless if they are locals, tourists or even fellow residents of the homelands of China or Mongolia.


Main Cuisine: Traditional Lebanese/Egyptian

Location: 53 Abou El Feda St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt 11211

Telephone: +202 2735 0014

Located by the waterfront on the northern tip of the island of Zamalek is the ever so popular restaurant of Sequoia. With its relaxing atmosphere and comfy wooden furniture draped with canopies and soft light, Sequoia has created an ambiance that is considered irreplaceable. In Sequoia, they are keen to present only their favorite selection of a mixture of the Mediterranean cuisine whether its Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Moroccan, Turkish or Greek, they understand that the concept of word of mouth is very important which in return keeps their customers loyal as they only serve the best in quality and quantity. It was been publicized more than one occasion to numerous regional and international publications who have recognized this restaurant to be one of the top reasons to even visit the capital city of this historical country. Reservations are essential, particularly at the weekend. Due to the popularity of the restaurant, booking in advance is highly recommended especially if you are planning an outing on weekends.


Main Cuisine: Traditional Latin American

Location: 41 Road 218 Degla, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: + 20 2 25198403

Among the community and residents in Cairo, Tabla Luna has been rated as one of the best Latin American restaurants located in the heart of the city itself. The restaurant offers both oriental and classic dishes from specific countries such as Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia and Ecuador. Using all the traditional and organic ingredients from these countries which makes this a place to savor with their mouthwatering dishes from the many countries of South America. Some of the many favorite dishes from their loyal customers would be dishes such as the “Confused Argentinian”, the sweet potato gnocchi and the nachos served with meat, cheese, olives tomatoes and even sour cream. When it comes to desserts, most people would enjoy the “Tres Leches cake” or the “Mango Flan” which is delicious such as any other desserts chosen within this restaurant’s menu.


Main Cuisine: Traditional Italian

Location: 157 26 July St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate

Telephone: 0122 369 2004

When it comes to outstanding Italian cuisine without having to be in the country of Italy itself, there is no better than Maison Thomas. An amazing Italian restaurant which offers a variety of food with an extended offering of dishes which doesn’t extend most of the price ranges around the other restaurants in Zamalek as well. The staff is always nice and friendly and clean to forever be in the back of the mind of its loyal customers. This brick oven pizzeria has been found in 1922 and has served since then only the most amazing thin crusted pizza with fresh ingredients and vegetables. It is highly recommended to try their Marinara or Hot Dog pizza which is on the top of their list.


Main Cuisine: Seafood

Location: El Corniche Rd. near Scout Club, Alexandria 21599, Egypt

Telephone: +2 034805114

The city of Alexandria is best known for its history and seafood and with the Fish Market around, they are never willing to disappoint. It is a cozy yet comfortable restaurant with a home setting with many tables serving any class of residents as they are all welcomed to enjoy their delicious dishes of seafood. The restaurant was opened by a former belly dancer and is now considered one of the top restaurants in the country when it comes to seafood dishes especially. Some of the top dishes recommended would be the prawns, grilled fish and the calamari. Dining at this restaurant will not only please your taste buds but will also be a delight to your eyes, as the restaurant offers some spectacular views of the bay and of Alexandria city in the morning, giving a relaxed pleasant view during the day and is the perfect place to celebrate any special occasion with your special someone, the staff are really helpful and courteous and help you pick your order if you have any doubts or further problems.

Eating at a restaurant certainly doesn’t have to be a luxurious event, however, it should aim to be a satisfying and considerably nourishing one; if you’re lucky, and the experience may prove to be a little bit educational as well. Unlike many upscale restaurants that are filled with fusion and mixed menus, the following locations offer nothing but genuinely cooked meals, designed to leave your belly full, nourished, and hopefully coming back for more.


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