Meditation and Yoga in Egypt

Top Places in Cairo for Practicing Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation may have been around for more than five thousand years, but it is as popular as ever in our modern-day; thanks to the relaxing and calming effects that practicing both yoga and meditation have, it is a must-do exercise for many people. However, it is also important to know where to go based on what you want. Often, people don’t realize that yoga is not just a case of sitting in a room for an hour or so, wasting time away, but rather it is a demanding experience; some types of yoga will focus on your breathing, some on your strength, some on your agility and so on, so you need to decide what it is that will be suitable for you.

As a result of the ever-increasing demand for such classes, studios in Cairo are frequently opening and adding more options and availability for those seeking it. So whether yoga and meditation is something you just want to try out in your spare time or take more seriously, we can help find what suits you

Yoga in Egypt

1 – The Breathing Room – Located in Al Maadi, it is the perfect studio if you want a smaller setting. The studio may only be one room but it has great facilities (including showers, free tea and coffee, and mats available to borrow) and teachers with years of experience who aim to help improve your focus, strength, and flexibility. 

One of the best classes they offer is pregnancy yoga, which goes a long way in helping pregnant women deal with the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, and has been shown to help ease the pain when the time comes to give birth. Classes are open to anyone of any age and any ability, and your first class is free. As a bonus, it is a non-profit organization, and the studio uses its profits to help support those living on the streets of Cairo.

2 – Ashtanga Yoga Studio – Ashtanga Yoga focuses on synchronized breathing and movements, and takes place in a hot room with an energetic environment. This studio has been around for nearly 20 years and has a great reputation, with a dedicated instructor who listens to your needs and works at your pace. 

Ashtanga Yoga Studio is frequented by regulars and travelers alike who come for the most unique and unparalleled Ashtanga experience. Classes are by appointment only, and the studio has all the facilities and equipment you need.

3 – On The Mat Studio – This studio is perfect if you have a hectic life and find it hard to keep to a schedule, classes in On The Mat, in Zamalek, run all week in the evenings and at the weekend too, all classes are drop-in, so you can pop in and get started with the next class whenever you’re available. 

They specialize in small groups with a friendly and intimate atmosphere, so it’s a great choice if you find the thought of big groups and too many people intimidating. There is a wide range of yoga practices taught, including Nidra (sleep yoga), Sivananda (slow-paced yoga), Anusara (alignment yoga) as well as others; they also have classes of Hatha yoga which focuses on meditation and calming and clearing your mind.

4 – Body Works Studio – Situation just outside Cairo City in Heliopolis, Body Works is a popular and bustling place. There is only one option of yoga which is power yoga, however, power yoga has many benefits and you shouldn’t be put off by the name. 

Power yoga is definitely different from traditional yoga, but still keeps the same values, it is more fast-paced and more intense. with key elements concentrating on building your strength more than your breathing. Power yoga has been known to be called more of a general exercise rather than a meditation practice, but it does keep you in shape and increase stamina and is certainly something you should try if you think you will not be able to enjoy the slower-paced environment of other yoga forms. 

It is worth noting that Body Works Studio is also a gym, so while the studio is private, the setting is not as low key as other studios.

5 – Mandala Yoga Retreat – Okay, so this one isn’t a studio, but it deserves a mention; Mandala organize weekend retreats in all cities located along the Nile River, with many people taking part each time they are in their city. 

It is a weekend of challenging, mindful and activities, in picturesque surroundings and a calming environment. The retreat is also an excellent way to meet new people, make new friends, and share your yoga and meditation experiences with others. You can check their Facebook page for details of when they will be in your area.

6 – Shanti Yoga Studio – Another studio for anyone close to Heliopolis, Shati Yoga has a loyal customer base who always recommend the studio, the instructors have many years of experience and are highly qualified in all areas of yoga and meditation. They often organize different events for all levels and needs. 

A lot of classes at Shanti Yoga focus on inner-peace and self-realization, and we know you will leave the class excited for the next one. Their Facebook page has a detailed list of class schedules and upcoming events, including yoga classes that focus on stress and anxiety, crystal healing meditation, achieving inner happiness, and healing your self-worth. Shanti Yoga Studio offers classes that connect with your soul with their focal point being about you and your desires.

Life in Cairo is busy at the best of times, it is a city that seems to never sleep, and sometimes it is easy to let the stress of day to day life get on top of you. Fortunately, there are many highly regarded yoga and meditation studios in Cario to choose from, all of which have something fantastic to offer you. 

Don’t worry about your age or your abilities, there is always a studio right for you; after all, everyone deserves to have some time off from the real world.


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