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Top Gaming Stores in Egypt

It has always been the fable around the world that those who are into gaming are practically “wasting their time” or “could make better use of their time elsewhere” but contrary to traditional belief, this isn’t always true under all the conditions.

Obviously too much of anything can be terrible for you but when you have the right balance of everything and your time management is on point, then there is nothing to be worried about. Recent research has proven that gaming has numerous benefits and is the development of cognitive skills in both adults and children.

Just how physical exercise can improve and strengthen your muscles, playing certain games can actually indulge a person’s brain in a constant form of stimulation, thus improving the performance of the brain as well. 

Video games can involve certain rules to follow which leads most players to think carefully before making any quick decisions to ensure that they stay within the rules required of that particular game which would lead to most people improving their problem-solving skills no matter the game or obstacle. Just like in life, you will need to make the proper decision to determine whether or not he/she will advance to the next level.

Many video games nowadays can teach the player how to delegate, work as a team and prioritize what is needed to finish the task at hand. Online gaming enables players to play with either their real-life friends or people they can have met online to collaboration among each other and even divide certain tasks to beat the certain or upcoming levels.

You can find that gamers have the capability to make split-second decisions, process all kinds of information quicker and be able to multitask effectively better and you will find that their hand-eye coordination is much quicker than those who actually don’t stimulate their mind in the same manner.

You will also find that motion-controlled device such as the virtual reality headset or the Nintendo Wii were once seen as the answer to parental concerns about video games leading to laziness or obesity. 

Don’t get misunderstood and think that there are only good things when it comes to video gaming because there are many other topics to be taken into consideration when spending your time playing games.

One of the main concerns of society is children playing certain games that can be beyond their age limit and possibly playing certain games that can contain a lot of mature content or violence. Such children will show a decrease in activity in areas of the brain as on the other hand you will find that the self-control of that child will not be in the greatest condition as well as an increase in emotional outbursts at times.

Always be aware of how violent games can affect your child so if you notice there is a problem it is better to set the record straight then to let it slide and face bigger problems later in the future. It is best to be with your child when they choose to buy the games so you can choose the games that you may feel can be appropriate or to accept the games that your child may have chosen as acceptable for your household.

All console game ratings include detailed information about the content provided within the game such as the violence level, language and mature content. Besides the nature of the game’s content, the other major problem when it comes to gaming would be the time consumption and lack of social interactions that can be brushed off for longer hours of gaming.

Keep in mind that the best games that are designed are the ones that are meant to be addictive in some kind of manner and the children who are most vulnerable to such gaming addictions can be those who have poor impulse control and most of the time have a hard time fitting in among their community or schoolmates.

They will have an easier way to fill such voids that can be created by the environment of the “real world” and they will seek happiness to reach the rewards that they can gain in the virtual world.  Just make sure that you keep a close eye towards your children’s life and how if it’s replacing or can be impacting others negatively. Kids will usually give you the excuse that they are playing with their friends online so it doesn’t make much of a difference of making a social barrier among them but don’t ever consider that there is no replacement for an actual face-to-face interaction with other people.

Before you make your final decision about video gaming just remember that is it best to remember that you pick the right game for yourself or your children with all the benefits pointed out earlier and that age should always be a factor as they should not be exposed to anything earlier than the restricted requirements. 

When it comes to video gaming in Egypt, it is no different than any other country by having a large number of adults and children who enjoy spending their spare time playing what they can enjoy. Whether the game is sports related or strategy based, the gaming community in Egypt is only getting bigger as well as the games are only getting better within the time being. For those who are looking at the best stores and places to purchase the best games with the best offers and prices then you have found the right place. 


Hotline – 16280 

Branch Location(s) – Maadi, 6th of October, New Cairo, Mohandeseen 

Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Cairo Local Time (GMT +2)

When it comes to reaching the one of the best locations for video games, you don’t need to look any further than Games 2 Egypt. This video gaming store allows all gamers to find what they are looking for regardless the console and they offer the newest arrivals or even pre-ordering products on their international release dates as well as old games that people may still have some interest. Another exceptional service that Games 2 Egypt provides is that the prices are actually more affordable or cheaper than what most gaming stores sell their products as well as selling old games and purchasing old games as well with not much disagreements when it comes to the prices. One of the greater services that cannot be found in many other stores as well is that Games 2 Egypt actually delivers to your location under a certain price for delivery you can receive your products without even having to leave your home.  Games 2 Egypt was founded in 2011 and is known to be one of the greatest and successful video game companies in Egypt, known for being well responsive and focused on bringing out the best in gamers in Egypt. They love to sell and serve their customers with all kinds of video games, consoles and accessories. They currently have 5 branches available and looking to expand more around the country of Egypt. 


Hotline – +201210202016 

Branch Location(s) – Maadi, Nasr city, Dokki, Heliopolis, Agouza  

Working Hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Cairo Local Time (GMT +2)

Being one of the well-known and long lasting gaming stores in the country, Game Valley is known for their many branches among the city of Cairo and provide all the products that concern consoles, video games and accessories. Game Valley was founded in 1990, being one of the oldest video gaming stores around in Egypt, throughout those years, it became one of the most popular stores and is well established in the field when selling all types of entertainment. Throughout the years, Game Valley was able to expand their franchise into six main branches in the most popular areas in the capital city of Cairo. They have always seem to succeed in fulfilling the needs and expectations of their customers but the only problem towards Game Valley being that it is known for being the mainstream store among the rest in the market, they don’t have the capable services to deliver and most of their products can seem more expensive than other places so it is best to check the market and not make it your one stop shop for all your gaming needs. 



Hotline – +2 0115 151 8899

Branch Location(s) – 90 Mohamed Fawzy Moaz, Smouha

Alexandria, Egypt/ Mall of Egypt, El Wahat Rd, Giza Governorate, Cairo, Egypt

Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM Cairo Local Time (GMT +2)

Shamy Stores have been experts in the digital entertainment market for over 20 years now by starting their first ever branch in Alexandria, Egypt. Their journey has started in the field of video games as becoming the first company that is specialized in this field in Alexandria as well as having a great vision and updating their development process to suite any customer who is coming to purchase their video games, game consoles or other technological gadgets. Not only does experience have them the frontrunners when it comes to their customers, but their experience throughout those years have given them the ability to understand the needs of their customers and everything that is matched during the purchase and making sure that the service doesn’t end after the purchase has been made either. 



Hotline – +20226436881

Branch Location– 162B Gesr ElSwis St, Cairo, Egypt

Working Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Cairo Local Time (GMT +2)

In 2012, EGYNEWTECH was a small video games re-seller with a growing potential to be something much bigger which was considered one of the largest local fastest growing companies since that time and is also known for being one of the biggest online video game retailer companies in Egypt. Specialized in video games, game consoles and accessories, EGYNEWTECH is the official re-seller for some of the top brands in Egypt and the region of the Middle East. Well known among the region, EGYNEWTECH is trying to expand their horizons in the electronics market by distributing digital content such as PSN, PS Plus, Xbox Live Credit, Xbox Live Gold memberships, Steam Cards, ITunes, Facebook and Google play cards and much more. Looking forward for a long-term business plan with their wholesale customers, they highly welcome any new business relations that come their way. 



Hotline – +2022 38350636

Branch Location– Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Cairo Local Time (GMT +2)

When it comes to fast paced, forward thinking and being one of the best internet based retailers for video games and entertainment products, EGYGAMER is known among locals as one of the best and a reliable source towards purchasing the products that they want. They operate from a head office located in Giza, being that they are still a young company at heart, they are willing to help others and work together to reach their common goal of being the leading company towards online retail in the country of Egypt. 


With all the video gaming stores provided above, the future of technology is only growing in the country of Egypt. Knowing that video games can play a positive role in our children’s lives, it will only get better from here but it is best to also set proper limits as well. It’s true that there are studies that have shown the good and bad about gaming but as it was said earlier, too much of anything can be bad for anyone but that doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of anything either. We hope that this list provides all the information that you need to make the decision on what kind of products you want and where you can purchase them as well.


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