The Complete List of Most Haunted Places in Egypt

Being one of the countries in the world with the earliest civilization, Egypt is one country that never ceases to amaze both the locals and travelers alike. In fact, the country is filled with amazing mysteries most of which have never been solved until now. Some of these mysteries include haunted places and houses where people have seen ghosts from the past roaming freely. And whether you are someone who believes in spirits or not, the stories of Egypt’s most haunted places are sure to give you chills and Goosebumps. Read on to discover the full list of the most haunted places in Egypt.

1. Pyramids of El Giza

Despite being one of the most visited wonders of the world, these pyramids also have a few hunting of their own. Many people have witnessed floating and walking ghosts in garments from the early twentieth century. Even the residents who live closer have repeatedly heard screams and voices telling them to leave the place. There are people who have even reported seeing a few Egyptian pharaohs scaring away the people from the Pyramids which they once owned.

2. Valley of the Kings

This is without a doubt one of the most famous haunted places in Egypt. The valley houses numerous tombs belonging to the ancient Egyptian kings and pharaohs. Many people have reported seeing the Egyptian pharaohs dressed in their traditional Egyptian apparels wandering around this place. People have seen ghosts of pharaohs roaming around their tombs. The watchmen guarding the valley at night have also reported hearing strange sounds including footsteps, shouts, screams, and clattering of wheels. The watchmen believe the sounds come from spirits of the deceased pharaohs searching for their treasures.

3. Farafra Desert

Here, many people have reported seeing the ghost of Akhenaten ghost who was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. According to legends, the pharaoh abolished many Egyptian gods and rules when he became king of Egypt. Since he had angered the Egyptian religious followers and priests belonging to the gods, during the time of his death, they cursed the pharaoh to wander all over the deserts as punishment.

4. Wady El Natroon route

 This route became one of the most dangerous highways in the entire country after experiencing numerous deadly accidents. Most of the accidents have been reported to have occurred under mysterious circumstances. It is rumored that drivers driving using this route have seen some supernatural visions try to draw in their attention. Others have reported hitting passengers only to realize that the car had passed right through them.

5. Baron Empain’s Palace

The people around this abandoned palace including the guards have reportedly seen ghosts and heard weird voices. Additionally, a fire occasionally breaks out from the palace’s windows and disappears mysteriously just as it had appeared. it’s believed that Baron who was the owner of this place wanted to live in the palace with his lover, female offspring, and also alternative relations. However, his lover died inside the palace a mysterious death. It is believed that his lover had become sad because of Baron’s further marital status relationships. Baron also died later because of the misfortunes in the palace, the opposite relatives also left. 

6. Dahshur Military Training Base

Being an archaeological site with numerous burial sites and tombs of the pharaohs, you can imagine how creepy this place can get. This place is a military training area for young soldiers. It is believed that the troopers who died in this base while training still hunts the place. According to reports, the soldiers hear screams and shouts from the balcony in the middle of the night. Gunshots are also heard even when there is no training going around and ghosts of soldiers who have died in the place seen doing various exercises.

7. El Sherifa Dina road

There is a small building that is believed to be haunted located on the El Sherifa Dina road that is found in Cairo. It is supposed that in the past, a young lady fell from the home’s terrace and died. Since then, she has been wandering in and around the house. Many people have acknowledged that they have seen the ghost of the young lady playing with toys and neighbors heard screams and cries in the middle of the night.

8. Helwan Hospital

This place was in the past the palace of King Farouk and his family. When the members of his family died, it became a mere morgue for the other remaining family members. However, the rest of the family members also abandoned the place up to now. With all the dead people who have been in the building, people have reported seeing lights continuously flickering for no reason as well as supernatural shadows and creepy voices.

9. The Roushdy Building, Alexandria

Also referred to as the Djinn housing of Alexandria, this house is often associated with various haunted experiences. These supernatural experiences have caused the building to be barred for more than five decades. The people who have previously resided here have reportedly seen blood coming from the home’s faucets as well as loud screams and voices that seem to come from men who are in pain. A certain family even reported finding their house belongings thrown out on the streets overnight. It is believed that the ghosts belong to WHO laborers who were there throughout the development of the building. It is rumored that the laborers were tortured and their blood was mixed with the cement used in constructing the building.

10. The Zamalek Apartment

Zekra was a famous Tunisian singer who used to live in Egypt. She was scandalously killed by her husband who afterward killed himself and two others. About a year later, the husband’s brother reopened the building but started received complaints from their neighbors who said they regularly heard arguments and screams from the house. The building’s security guard also said that he noticed that the elevator stopped every day at 5 AM, which is the exact time of the incident, and he also heard arguments and shouting.

11. Ezzat Abou Ouf Villa

Ezzat Abou Ouf is one of the most famous Egyptian actors. The actor, as well as the people he had invited to his party, reportedly saw a ghost walking carrying in his hand a rather old-style. It is believed that the ghost is of the home’s previous owner who they believe still lives in the home.


From this list, you can tell that Egypt has a handful of destinations where dark histories have paved the way for paranormal activity. If you love mysteries, don’t forget to tell us whether you would ever consider visiting one of these haunted locations.


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