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The Biggest List of Top Shopping Malls in Cairo Egypt

Do you like to go to see the malls? Who doesn’t enjoy spending time in the mall, buying new things, checking out the latest trends? On top of that, new offers and promotions to check out at the shops.

You can always spend a few hours at malls for refreshment. There are food stores, parlors, shops and many other things that you can adore in a mall. It can be entertaining as well as energizing for visitors.

If you are in Cairo, Egypt then malls are one of the places you must see. Since Cairo has a mall in every district dwelling in the malls could be one of the best experiences for you.

We have listed some of the best malls that you can stop by in Cairo.

Cairo Festival City Mall in Egypt

Mall of Arabia

Now, this is a mall that never ends, you know why? Cause it is big! The mall of Arabia is one of the largest malls there is in Cairo. It is so big that, you cannot finish walking through the mall in a day. So, get your boots ready, if you are planning to visit this shopping world.

Mall of Arabia boasts about having something for everybody. Hence the place is huge with a collection of different types of shops. Along with having lots of shops, it has a good number of cafes and restaurant for all the people who come here each day.

The entertainment does not stop at the cafes; it has its own cinema multiplex. It also has a hypermarket for groceries. To make it simple, you will find what you are looking for if you are looking at the right place in the Mall of Arabia.

Arkan plaza

You might want to argue why Arkan is one of the best malls in Cairo. But we will tell you, that it has found its place, because of the food they have to offer.

Arkan Plaza is one of the places you can look up at the weekends for its great food. It has a nice combination of cafes, bars, and restaurants. So, it is probably one of the top choices for you to visit at the holidays.

Other than the food, it also has some retail shops. It is not like it’s one of the best places for shopping. The retail shop does not compare to the food areas of the mall. Food is one of Arkan plaza specialty.


If you like to check out the variations a mall has to offer then Citystars is your place. It has amazed its visitors with the diversity of products and goods that it has to offer to shoppers.

Another fact, about Citystars, is that it kept up with its quality and diverse shops till today. This is really hard since there are many types of shops to consider. Hence it has found its reputation as one of the best malls in Cairo.
One of the drawbacks of this mall is that it is a bit confusing to find your way. However, it is a great place for families, friends, and couples to go out have a good time while shopping.

Many good brands hold shops in Citystars. Since variety is one of its specialty, it attracts new customers for business brands.

Mall of Egypt

The mall in Egypt is one of the must-visit malls in Cairo. Do you know why? It is one of the few malls in Egypt that has an indoor snow park for entertainment.

It makes the mall unique, and it is also one of the attractions of the Mall.
Along with this quality, there are varieties of shops available in the mall. Some renowned brands around the world have their store here in the Mall of Egypt.

Another focus for the visitors of Cairo is the food area of the shopping mall. You will be able to enjoy local cuisines, as well as many international foods in this area. The food selection has a lot of diversities that you will need to find out yourself.

For recreation, the Mall of Egypt has more to offer. It has a good huge, clean cinema complex for its guests. So, if you are looking forward to Cairo then the Mall of Egypt is a place you cannot miss.

Dandy Megamall

Dandy Megamall is one of the renowned and old malls in Cairo. The Citystars and Dandy Mega malls were the starts in the old age. However, Citystar was able to maintain itself and attract customers to this time. The same cannot be said for Dandy Megamall. Over the years the mall is still running, and it has some good brands store to treat its visitors.

The first mall

If fashion and accessories are your things, then the first mall is your place to begin searching. The first mall hosts a number of famous fashion stores for the ones who seek them.

In Cairo, it is the best place to find stores for good brand watches, jewelry, and similar accessories. So, if you are looking for a new watch in Cairo, this is the place where you will find quality items. You will find the First Mall is inside the Four Seasons hotel with the First Residence.

Cairo festival city mall

Right now this is the mall that everyone is talking about in Egypt. There are many great shops in the Cairo festival city mall. It is located at East of Cairo near the 5th settlement. The shops in the Cairo festival city mall is what attracts people to the mall.

Galleria 40

Galleria 40 has a bit of everything for everyone. It is not exactly popular for any particular reason. You will find varieties of cafes, restaurant, shops, etc, to choose from. It is a simple mixture of everything that can be found in a mall.

You can’t actually aim at something when you visit this mall, other than luxury and some simple shops. The number of shops is balanced with each other to make it a place enjoyable.

The Downtown Katameya

After discussing many different types of the mall in Cairo, we have come to one of the exceptional malls. Again it encourages outdoor space and activity, so you can get some fresh air while you are there.

One of the most exciting malls we have discussed so far. The mall is located in a place away from the chaos of the city. Hence, you will find many open spaces designed throughout the mall. It is where you will find a peaceful shopping time.

When you are walking down the pedestrian of the mall, you will find many shops put together in one place. They are connected with openness. In the mall, there is a good amalgam of all sorts of shops that varies from place to place to make your visit to the mall fun.

Genena Mall

The mall promotes local shopping, you will find some local retailers for shops. Buy whatever you want with your best bargain for prices. If you savor bargaining, then this place is your top priority.

In additions to the local context, you will find some amazing Italian cuisine, in the food area. These are some of the qualities of Genena mall that gets its name around the city.

These are some of the best Malls, that you can swing by while you are in Cairo. You might have noticed that each Mall has its own specialty.
At first, decide if you want to check out the food variations, outdoor fun places, or great shops in Cairo. Only after that you can set a goal and decide where you want to pop in.

But most of the Mall in the list are great places to create memories. If you have limited time to attend them all, then select wisely, so you don’t miss out the joy of Egypt.

However, remember these are not the only few grand malls in Cairo, Egypt. There are many more Mall you can enjoy, but these are the ones, that we felt is best suited in our list


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