Martial Arts In Egypt

The Biggest List of Martial Arts Training Centers in Egypt

Did you know the oldest form of martial arts started in Egypt in 3,000 B.C? This ancient form of martial arts fighting was called the Lotus fighting. Indeed, martial art has been part of the Egyptian culture, making it a favorite pass time as well as a way to train for self-defense.

In the recent past, sexual harassment has been an increasing phenomenon. A majority of Egyptian women have reported sexual harassment in one form or another. According to a report by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality, 99% of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment.

The most common form has been by touching. As a result, this has lead to various anti-harassment organizations encouraging the use of martial arts in women to fight sexual harassment.

Coupled with the Egyptian culture and recent happenings, there has been an increased mushrooming of martial arts training centers all over Egypt. The following are some of the centers you can find excellent training in martial arts.

-Wingfight Egyptian Academy – they claim to be able to transform you into an excellent street fighter. They have a variety of classes with some specifically for children.

-The Egyptian Wingtsun Academy – they are located in the Maadi district. They offer self-defense classes and equipment for beginners.

-Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do Egypt – they offer a variety of, including special ones for women and children.

-Fight Zone Egypt – they have specialized classes for beginners as well as tailor-made classes for women and children.

-Fit Box – It prides itself as the futuristic fight club. They offer various options in boxing and fighting classes.

-Professional Wing Tsun Academy – Located in new Cairo. They claim to provide realistic and simple martial arts training for all with specialized courses for women and children.

-Egyptian Wing Chun Martial arts school – located in Cairo 3rd Street Al Maadi. They claim to offer professional martial arts classes for all ages.

-AUFC Academy – located in Cairo Heliopolis, they claim to have the best-trained teachers in martial arts.

-Burning Sands gym – located in the street 268, El-Basatin. They claim to have trained some of the best champions in both kickboxing and boxing. They also offer a variety of self-defense classes.

-Ninja Skills Academy (balance Gym) – they claim to train in strength and stability in addition to the self-defense classes.

-Egypt Weapons Club – found in Cairo, they claim to have a variety of classes targeting different demographics.

-Egy Dojo – this is a training center in new Cairo offering self-defense, kickboxing and other forms of martial arts classes.

-CrossFit – this is a boxing gym located in Alexandria. They claim to be the first and only CrossFit box in Alexandria offering a variety of martial arts lessons.

-Fight and Fitness Factory – found in Sheikh Zayed city. They are a boutique fitness facility offering a variety of mixed martial arts classes.

-Meshkah – this is a martial arts school located in Giza, Egypt. They teach traditional martial arts as well as the art of mindful meditation.

-Black Lions MMA Academy – this is a martial arts school located in New Cairo. They offer different types of martial arts classes as well as having tailor-made courses for children.

-Bakkar Dojo – found in El Nozha, this academy provides a blend of Aikido martial arts among others.

-Ronin Martial Arts Academy – located in Cairo, they claim to offer professional training in martial arts.

-Systema Egypt – This is a martial arts center in Egypt that specializes in the Russian style martial art training.

-Indonesian martial arts school – it is located in the heart of Egypt’s capital specializing in teaching women martial arts for self-defense.

-Martial arts and Fitness Center – located in new Cairo 5th settlement, they claim to be experts in traditional martial arts practices as well as modern practices.

-Anubis Martial Arts Academy – located in Cairo, it offers different martial arts training from various cultures.

-Egyptian Academy of Martial Arts – located in Al Jizah, they pride themselves in being able to provide specialized martial arts lessons to different demographics.

-Fight club – located in Heliopolis new Cairo, it is both a fitness center and martial arts center.

-AMAY (Young Men Learning Martial Arts in New Cairo) – this is a school that was opened to teach young men martial arts in new Cairo.

-Troops MMA – located in Alexandria, it offers martial arts training for all ages.

-Capoeira Brasil Egypt – located in Cairo, they claim to have specialized classes for women and children as well as general courses.

-sKILLz Women’s only Dojo – it is a martial arts center in Cairo that specializes in training martial arts to young girls and women only.

-Sherlin Club – located in Nasr City, they pride themselves in offering the best training to beginners.

-Hero Sports Academy – Located in Alexandria, they provide martial arts training for all genders.

-One Team Egypt MMA – located in Giza Governorate, they offer Thai boxing and martial arts training.

-Lycans Fight Club MMA Academy – Located in Giza, they offer a variety of martial arts training from the ancient Egyptian fighting to the most modern forms of martial arts.

-Aspire Karate Academy – Located in Giza, it specifically trains children and teenagers in martial arts and self-defense.

-Capoeira Coquinho Baiano – this is a self-defense school located in Giza Egypt. It combines brings together elements of fight, music, acrobatics, and dance. It is very popular with children and teenagers.

Learning the art of self-defense through martial arts has become very popular in the world. However, martial art is not only good for, but it is a form of exercise that is most effective. It helps a person lead a healthier lifestyle spiritually, mentally, and physically. Martial arts is also suitable for children and even grown-ups suffering from low self-esteem, learning martial arts has been known to boost your self-confidence. Those that engage in martial arts have also reported that it increased their focus as well as their discipline levels.

In Conclusion

Martial arts training is widespread in Egypt. Apart from using it for self-defense, it is part of their cultural heritage and a common practice for many. Egypt has a rich cultural heritage and history, but they have also embraced other forms of martial arts techniques that are trained all over the country.


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