The Biggest List of Coworking Spaces in Egypt

Coworking spaces are a quick and easy way to set up your very own office that allows you to impress prospective clients without the need to splurge unnecessary amounts of money. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best co-working spaces in Egypt. 

Benefits of Co-working Spaces

– Ability to have an office at a prime central location that is close to the best transport systems allowing your employees and clients to very easy to find and get to your office.

– You are able to increase or decrease the size and cost of your office depending on your needs very quickly and easily making co-working spaces extremely flexible.

– Socializing with other entrepreneurs and freelancers in the co-working spaces is very beneficial as it can help forge long-term relationships.

– No need for a massive deposit for multiple months of rent, allowing freelancers, small businesses and startups to very easily get a space in a co-working building.

– Helps to motivate towards being productive when you see that everyone around you is also working. 

The Best Co-Working Spaces in Cairo


Located right in the middle of Cairo on the right side of Gezira Island, icecairo is a fairly small co-working space however it has a very strong sense of community. This co-working studio also stands out as it was created with the goal of providing an eco-friendly environment.


– Close to key transportation links – Renting space in the icecairo co-working space also comes with other benefits such as free of charge access to top computer equipment such as Mac computers.- It is also ideal for businesses that are passionate about the environment as this co-working space aims to in the future provide all its energy using renewable sources and also focus a lot on recycling. – The company behind icecairo not specifically focused on turning a profit but helping the local community and creating a sustainable business environment. 

Urban StationThis is one of the most open and easy to use co-working spaces on the list, you do not need to sign up in any way. Instead, you simply walk in and start using the offices available and you pay at the end based on the amount of time that you have spent working there.


– You only pay for what you use, which makes this office space extremely affordable and allows you to save a lot of money as you do not pay for the time that you are not spending at the office.- State of the art conference rooms with that also come with headphones to block outside noise that are available to everyone at no extra cost.- The Urban Station co-working space in Cairo also features a common room allowing you to socialize and network with other entrepreneurs. 

District Spaces

Another centrally located co-working space that is just a 10-minute walk away from the Maadi Metro station allow you and any visitors that you may have easy access. 


– Founded by well-known entrepreneurs Mazen Helmy and Moetaz Owiz who are featured in Forbes Africa’s list of top 30 under 30 in the year 2014. You will be able to interact with them and receive advice as well as interacting with other entrepreneurs.- Includes an in-house cafe and restaurant that provides high-quality food provided by owners of a nearby Cairo Deli kitchen. It provides another good opportunity to socialize and also invite clients without needing to leave the building. – Free access to all members to fast and reliable internet allowing you to carry out your work without any limitations. 

The Best Co-Working Spaces in Alexandria

Regus Alexandria

Owned by the very reputable Regus office and co-working company that owns hundreds of spaces all around the world. This co-working space is based on the 1st floor of the Kamarayet Rousdhy building that is located right on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. 


– Built in a very luxury area so it is great if you are trying to impress and leave a good image on potential clients.- Features a wide variety of offices and meetings rooms for all sizes of company workforces.- Rent at Regus Alexandria is charged per day so you are able to save a lot of money as you don’t pay rent for the days that you are not utilizing the co-working space. – Priced at very competitive rates for such luxury premises in the Alexandria area.- There are also no string attached, you can cancel your rent plan anytime that you want.


Located in the centre of the east side of Alexandria, it is located very close by to the El Sook Train Station and the El Ramnl El Ameeri Station. The company offers a wide variety of spaces including co-working places, private office, meeting rooms as well as venues that can be used for events and training workshops.


– A wide variety of pricing options are available that ensure that whatever you and your team’s needs are you will be able to find the right options for you.- You are able to book spaces for the morning hours, the evening hours or for the entire day which allows you to utilize your time and money effectively making sure that you do not pay any rent when you are not using the offices.- A very supportive team and customer service available making sure that you are always catered to and that you will be assisted until 100% satisfied.

Ink Coworking Space

Placed next to the ‘Jardin De Sharkoura’ park, the Ink Coworking Space is one of the top rated companies in this sector in Alexandria. It is well known in the community for being the venue space for the TEDx conference in Alexandria. 


– Incubator programs and accelerator programs are available to all renters at the Ink Coworking Space. There you can gain experience from some of the most successful Egyptian entrepreneurs as well as also potentially get funding for your business.- Another unique feature is that the Ink Coworking Space features its very own library where you can take out books about entrepreneurship, business as well as history to help you have a broader knowledge of the world.

The Best Co-Working Spaces in Giza

El Medan Co-working Space

A co-working space in Giza that is open from Mondays to Saturdays, it is located next to the Abbas Bridge and is encircled by major highways that allow for quick transport to and from the office space. 


– Great for musicians and music producers due to music recording studios located in the building that include free to use the equipment.- Podcasting room available in the El Medan Co-working Space that allows you to have your very own podcast show without needing to invest a lot of capital into equipment.- Ability to book the office for just an hour or for up to a month in advance allowing you great flexibility based on your needs. 

Maze Co-working Space

A modern co-working space that is located in a well maintained historic building that incorporates authentic Egyptian architecture. The Maze Co-working Space is very easy and quick to book and is extremely popular with nomad entrepreneurs and professionals such as lawyers and accountants who mostly used the space to meet clients.


– Reliable 32 megabyte Wifi available day and night for all occupants of the co-working space boosting everyone’s productivity significantly.- Unlike many other co-working spaces on this list, air conditioning is available for free to anyone who requests it at the Maze Co-working Space.- Another great feature is that the Maze Co-working Space is open all day on Sundays allowing you to use the co-working space whenever you need to.- Beanbags available as a seating option for people looking to be more relaxed and comfortable while working. 

Business Yard

A co-working space that is partnered with the Egypt Innovate angel investors organization, it is one of few statistics powered co-working spaces in Giza that ensures that improvements are quick to happen based on user input and current trends. 


– Located on the top floor which makes sure that you will not be affected by any noise or air pollution from the busy streets below.- An academy is also based at the Business Yard co-working space that holds regular meetings where different business can do presentations about themselves and network with others.- A lot of equipment is available free of charge including printers, scanners, computers, cameras and phones for all users at the co-working space to use.- There is also a recreation room at the Business Yard co-working space that allows people to relax by watching television and even play video games.- Special rooms that are noise-insulated allowing you to make phone calls without any disturbances. – Includes a very nice looking terrace where you can take out clients for meetings as well as enjoy yourself during the summer. 

ConclusionThese are just a few of the best co-working spaces in Egypt in the biggest cities based on population. If you are looking to rent our co-working spaces in Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza then these are the first places that you should check out.


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