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Review of the Top Egyptian DJ Players

DJ’s have been major forces in shaping Egypt’s music scene. Their sets, as well as unique mixes, always leave party lovers and club-goers craving for more. Although Egypt’s music scene features a blend of international and local content, there are DJ’s who have managed to effectively create superb mixed in different genres. Some of the top Egyptian DJ players include:

Mark Youssef

Youssef is certainly one of the top names in Egypt’s deejaying industry. He has managed to clinch a massive fan base not only locally but also internationally. His experience with music goes back to when he was a child playing drums.

He seamlessly mixes different music genres ranging from progressive house to melodic progressive. During the early years of his career, he was a renowned resident DJ at Aida and Sandarini Beach Clubs. Note that Youssef’s career has spanned continents which include him playing in Australia. He is not only a big name in Egypt but he has managed to attract a global fan base thanks to his well-crafted sets.

DJ Arrab/Vega

DJ Vega, also known as DJ Arrab, is a music producer with impressive deejaying skills. He is a household name in Cairo’s top clubs. Vega’s mastery is in progressive House, deep, and tech music. His sets which entail unique beats always engage club goers. Note that Arrab’s signature sets even earned him a show at Nile FM. His mixes will leave you craving for more and you will never get enough of it once you hit the dance floor.

Hassan Rassmy

As a producer and DJ, Rassmy is a renowned name in Egyptian clubs. He’s known to play progressive house music which will leave you gyrating and humming along. Rassmy’s impeccable skills saw him join Nile FM in 2011 where he hosted a show. The electronic music producer loves experimenting with different genres. As a result, he’s versatile enough to play anything. His keen interest in evolving his delivery style means that you will never have the same music experience from him twice!

Aly and Fila

There is no better duo in Egypt’s music scene than Aly and Fila. They are the first Egyptian duo to be recognized internationally. Some of the highlights of their sets include playing on the Nile FM’s show, “The Future Sound of Egypt”. They mainly focus on trance music, vocal trance, and uplifting trance. Aly and Fila have worked alongside renowned DJ’s such as DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Armin Van Buuren.

The duo’s experience in the music scene which spans over a decade means that they can perfectly handle the international scene. Some of the events they have graced include Tomorrowland, Luminosity Beach Festival, and Ultra Music Festival among others.


Akladios is one of the top female DJ players not only in Egypt but also in the world. Over the last few years, she has significantly gained recognition locally and internationally. It should be noted that the way she mixes tech and deep house music is what sets her apart. She has managed to prove herself with great sets in this male dominated industry. From the humble beginnings in Cairo, Akladios has grown to play in international scenes such as Salalah, Oman and Berlin, Germany. What makes Akladios special is how she manages to effortlessly infuse her culture as well as background in her sets!

Hazem Beltagui

Hazem’s deejaying skills can be seen by the way he delivers his sets. They uniquely highlight the connection between trance and Arabic songs. This is a unique mixed method of delivery that has earned him thousands of fans including the international audience in Europe and the US. The music producer and Melotrance sound’s curator has managed to attract a unique audience for himself. It’s worth noting that in 2014, he was ranked as number 121 by the DJ Mag. This was just a year after he had started his career as a professional DJ.


There are a few DJ’s in the world who can perfectly deliver Hip Hop music and one of them is Feedo. Not only has he made a name for himself in Egypt but also in different parts of the world as well. Feedo is an award-winning DJ whose mastery in hip hop will leave you groovy. Besides that, he also plays RnB genres. Feedo has played in Russia and toured several regions in America, Asia, and Europe.

Mohamed Ragab

Ragab has made his name not only as a DJ but also a producer. He’s always been fascinated by music from a very young age. So, when it comes to music delivery, his sets will absolutely captivate you. Note that Ragab is one of the few DJ’s in Africa who have been able to play sets in Tomorrowland – one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world.
Ragab’s popularity as a DJ is beyond borders. He has managed to play in big cities such as Amsterdam and London. It’s worth noting that he’s the major force behind FSOE massive popularity. His genre of interest is mainly trance


Sebzz ability to take fun lovers to the deep world of house music makes him one of the top Egyptian DJ Players. His level of mastery always leaves entertainers in awe. As one of the major names in renowned clubs in Egypt, Sebzz has a broad range of skills. His sets normally vary from Nu Disco, Techno, Deep Tech, to Indie dance with some variations. Through his deejaying career, he has managed to amass a huge number of followers. Although he is just getting started, it’s clear that his prowess as a DJ player will grow significantly in the next coming years.

Amr Mohey

Amr Mohey is one of the few household names in Egypt when it comes to deejaying. He’s perfected the art of balancing house and techno music. His landing between the two music genres is simply outstanding. Mohey’s mode of delivery is distinct and that absolutely gives him an upper hand. He seamlessly transitions between lighter to darker and deeper tones. Mohey’s deejaying skills are even enhanced with his familiarity with different music genres, as a producer.


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