Biggest List of Best Pharmaceutical Companies in Egypt

The pharmaceutical industry in Egypt has gone to unprecedented heights and is estimated to be one of the most valuable sectors in the country. The value of the global pharmaceutical industry is anticipated to be about $1.42 trillion by the end of 2020. With the rising need of developing drugs to satisfy the ever-increasing demand, the pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly to come up with cutting-edge and most innovative treatments to patients. Here is a look at the top and biggest pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. 

Pharmaceutical Companies in Egypt List


Tel: +20 015 361 663

Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals industries Co (EIPICO) is a leading pharmaceutical company in production by Units. The company is the major manufacturer of Antibiotics, Spansule capsules, and Lyophilized products in Egypt. Some of its major pharmaceutical products include; analgesics, antibiotics, vitamins, eye care drugs, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, and dermatological drugs. 


Tel: +202 22860000- 22860060

Sanofi is a French pharmaceutical company that has developed to be one of the biggest performers in Egypt. The company earned a huge revenue from its best-selling drugs that include; Lovenox, a blood anticoagulant, Lantus, an insulin injection, and Aubagio, a drug for multiple sclerosis. 


Tel: +20 2-3344-8861

Hikma is a prominent pharmaceutical company in Egypt, focused on putting better health within your reach every day. The company has strong brand recognition and reputation for its high-quality drug products. They manufacture ready to use generic and branded medicines that are readily accessible to the people that need them. 

Egypt Pharmaceutical Companies

Amoun Pharmaceutical Company

Tel: +2 (02) 44812500

Amoun is an Egyptian company established in 1998 that has raised to be one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country. The company deals with the development, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of a broad range of human medicines as well as animal health products. Amoun has five branches across the country and has maintained a robust product portfolio that provides a broad range of pharmaceutical treatments and therapies.

Medical Union Pharmaceuticals

Tel: +20 2-2270-9324

This pharmaceutical company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of branded, generic, and licensed medicines, skincare products, vitamins, analgesics, endocrinology, gynecology, andrology, nutritional products, and others. They are creating a leading position in creating pharmaceutical products that satisfy the country and communities.

Pharmaceutical in Egypt

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Tel: +20 (2) 2618-5000

GSK is a British pharmaceutical company that boasts of a powerful pipeline of innovative drugs with its branch located in Egypt. the company specializes in a wide range of drugs but has been largely successful in the field of respiratory drugs, HIV/AIDS, and vaccines. Some of its bestselling medicines include Trivicay and Triumeq for HIV, Nucala, and COPD for asthma and Ellipta inhaler for asthma. 


Tel: +20 2-2286- 1000

Novartis pharmaceutical company is based in Switzerland and, with its branches in Egypt, has seen it rise to be one of the biggest companies in Egypt and worldwide. The company mainly focuses on a broad range of diseases, including; immunology, dermatology, oncology, respiratory, and neuroscience. Some of its bestselling drugs include Lucentis for people suffering from eye-degenerative diseases and Gilenya for multiple sclerosis. 


Tel: +20222686614

Merck is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as in Egypt. It is a German multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company and has been operating in Egypt since 1965. The company focus on improving and prolonging life by manufacturing prescription medicines to treat various problems such as infertility and cancer. 

Pharco Pharmaceuticals

Tel: +20 (3) 44480130/ 4480140 / 4480440

Pharco is among the private and local Egyptian pharmaceutical companies that have gained tremendous popularity for itself. The company was established in 1984 and began producing, formulating, and marketing a broad range of generics, brands, and licensed pharmaceutical products. Some of its brands have become the market leaders locally and internationally, including; Mirazid, Baby Drink, Urinex caps, Ciprofar 500 MG tablets, Declophen amp, Fawar Fruit, and Gratisovir. 

Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industries

Tel: +2 02 44892641 – 43

Marcyrl is a private pharmaceutical company in Egypt and has been in operation since 1998. The company is situated in El Obour city, featuring high-quality production facilities and top research and development department. Some of its top pharmaceutical products include; Daclavirocyrl, Nevilob Plus, and MPIviropack Plus. The company is designed to formulate various dosage forms of the new generic drugs from imported and local intermediates. 

EVA Pharma

Tel: +2 02 239 92700

EVA Pharma was launched in 1997 and has grown to be one of the biggest pharmaceuticals in the MENA region. Its pharmaceutical products cover several therapeutic categories, including; psychiatry, orthopedics, pediatrics, cardiovascular, Dermatology, Urology, Neurology, and GIT. The company is also putting a lot of effort into branded generics, food supplements, veterinary products, and herbal medications. 


Tel: + 20 2 25980205

AstraZeneca has been a solid figure in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market since 1968, when it was first established. It engages in medicines manufacturing and supply that aims at making a real difference to the Egyptians. its product range includes; Fulvestrant, Rosuvastatin, Omeraprazole, Anastrozole, and more.


Tel: +202 35735 124-127

Bayer is one of the leading providers of innovative crop protection solutions in Egypt and worldwide. The pharmaceutical company is dedicated to developing drugs for various crop diseases that pose problems to the agricultural sector. Some of their products include; Nativo, abroad spectrum fungicide, Luna Experience, Equip, Atlantics OD, and Betana Maxx Pro. 


Tel: +202 3333 7710/66

Pfizer is one of the biggest pharmaceutical firms in the world and has a long history in Egypt. The company was launched in Egypt in 1961 and has a high tech packing a drug manufacturing plant in Almaza. It focuses mostly on antibiotics in various forms of antifungals, vaccines, a cardiovascular field with effective drugs for dyslipidemia and hypertension. The company has already established strong partnerships with the health ministry and top Egyptian hospitals and educational facilities.


The above list shows the top pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. The companies have been selected according to the range and size of produce, which has ranked them as the top in the country. The pharmaceutical industry in Egypt is on the rise, with more advanced innovations in the field of drugs been discovered daily. 


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