Startups in Egypt

List of Top Startups Straight Outta Egypt

Startups in Egypt

What comes in your mind when you hear the word startup? Probably, a big business, a multimillionaire booming real estate venture, jewelry industry and so on. This may be true or not true depending on the definition you want to choose. It is like taking a cup of water that is halfway, one might say it is half full whereas another one will say it is half empty. It all depends on how you view it. All the same, in one way or another it does bring in some awesome cash returns.

You may have your small business, and make it a startup. A startup will cover a wide range of people in terms of the products and services offered. But when we look at a business the coverage is only for the people around and is not able to cover a wider range of people. The Internet can be used to grow a business in a way many people are able to know the kind of services offered by people. Egypt has so many startups, some from foreigners, others from Egyptians themselves. Here is a list of best startups in Egypt:


It is one of the largest online groceries in the country. The online grocery was founded in the year 2014 in the city of Cairo. A group of young hustlers decided to go beyond the selling of tomatoes just outside the city streets as most people do. Suppose you wanted to do your grocery shopping, what you do is just log in to their site/app and do some orders and it will be delivered overnight. The three co-founders raised $750,000 with Algebra Ventures, and their business is now ranked 75th best startup.


It was founded by Omar Gabr in the year 2012. This is a reporting app that helps people send reports to more than 12,000 apps across the world. It has some partners both in Egypt and the USA, where they raised a total amount of $1.2 million with close to 250 million users who use smartphones. It was ranked 40th by Forbes because of the amazing work it does. The team behind the great work consists of sharp computer engineers.


One can easily have a rough guess that this company deals with food deliveries, just from the word menu. It is one of the best startups in Egypt dealing with deliveries of food across the country. It was founded by Amir Allam, who started with a capital of $3000 only and the company is ranked 57th due to its performance. The app has a collection of data of restaurants in Cairo, which therefore given the customers an array of hotels to choose from. This app has data of menus in order to provide access to customers to see the different kind of foods available in different hotels saving time.


It was founded by Sherif Hosni. It is an app that helps people showcase their talents. It helps upcoming musicians, actors, comedians, acrobats, and many others have a platform for them to show the world their talents. It has close to 25 million viewers having its founding in the year 2012. In fact, Hosni founded this app when he was in search of talents across Egypt hence it become like an online audition app. It is ranked 100th in Forbes having funded with a total of $1.7 million.


This is a digital app where patients are able to book the best doctors across the country. The doctors provide the patients with more info about them that is including their experiences, specialty and the hospital they can be found. The money raised to start the business is $1.2 million, with different investors contributing to help raise it. So far, the estimated funding amount is $22.5 million.


It is a digital app that helps event organizers to organize their plans using that app. It was made global by a woman during an event called Global Entrepreneurship Week at Stanford. It was founded by Nihal Fares, and Medhat who funded it with a capital of about $5000 while Forbes ranked their app 54th.


It is a shopping app that helps users compare prices in different online stores. It enables users to save time for moving from one shop to another. Instead, the users are given an alternative of just browsing, comparing qualities and quantities. It has two co-founders that is Sherif and Mohamed. They founded it in the year 2014 and it has been ranked 48th by Forbes. They earn revenue by cost-per-click and have funding of about $2.7 million.


It’s among the best startups in Egypt providing a platform for Egyptians looking for jobs to land their career jobs. It gives updates on the latest jobs available, serving over 500,000 job seekers. It also helps job seekers in middle east match their dream jobs.


This also an online app that delivers food to busy businessmen, or professionals in different works of life. The customers can either do a demand or subscribe and they will get their food delivered. It was founded by Belal El Borno in the year 2014. They make sure they provide up to standard food, quality, cooked by professional chefs and with impressive ingredients. Suppose they decide to work with companies, they identify employees who are willing to order food on a daily basis. When the end month comes the accountant deducts cash from their salaries.

From these business startups, you realize it is possible to achieve that dream that you think is impossible. Some started with as little as $3000 and still made their way.


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