List of The Best Universities in Egypt

Egypt is located in the center of the northern Africa and it has wide variety of climatic conditions which makes it suitable for any student to choose Egypt as their study option, Here are the list of top universities across Egypt which are diversified and accredited.

Cairo university

Cairo University is one of the age-old universities located in the Egyptian area. It is founded in the early 1900s and was generally called Egyptian University. This university offers courses in science, engineering, arts, humanities and other specialisations including dual degree etc. This is located in Giza, Egypt and has world-class faculty as the instructors for their course curriculum. The university is ranked as the 11th best university in Arab Ranking list. Its main campus is in Giza just beside the famous African river Nile. In total it offers 80 Undergraduate courses and 216 postgraduate courses. At present Cairo University has more than 25 in various scientific areas.

American University in Cairo

The American University in Cairo is the best English language institution in Egypt. This institution presents you 40 undergraduate courses, 44 master’s programs and 2 integrated PhD programs. It is an American-accredited university and One of the finest global universities of the Arab nations. This University has never compromised on the research facilities, The campus also is spread over 250 acres of the prime area in Cairo, The world-class amenities make this campus a preferable one among the Arabs. It is ranked 800th-1000 in world university rankings. The American University in Cairo also has the state of the art library covering all the volumes a student needs. The new campus is located in Cairo.

Ain Shams university

Ain shams university is also located in Cairo. The research output of this university is very high. It offers various undergraduate courses sciences, law, business studies etc. Out of the total students, 89 per cent are undergraduate and 11 per cent are PG students. There are also staff from other countries while the domestic staff take the lead. It is ranked 1000+ on world university rankings. 3% of its students are international students and has a male-female ratio of 52:48. The university also offers engineering courses especially in electrical, mechanical and civil. Ain shams support study abroad principle and it has many connections with other international universities in England, Australia etc.

Assiut University

The main campus is located in Assiut and the second campus is near the new valley. It is a public, non-profit university which offers Engineering, postgraduate and masters degrees. It asl offers various certificate courses. The university doesn’t have a remarkable research output. There are 12 UG courses and 35 PG courses in total. The courses are taught in Arabic and English. To facilitate its foreign students

they also started the course language in french and german. The locality is semi-desert with a humid climate. It has an international airport in reach.

Mansoura university

Mansoura University is located to the east of the Nile river, It is a bit far from the popular city Cairo. Most of the courses are taught in English while there are few degrees which are decided to be taught in Arabic to facilitate the local students. It is ranked 800+ in world university rankings, The university has an extremely high output in research which helps the students and the society as well.

German university of Egypt

The German university is a private non-profitable institution, It is located in the new Cairo city. The university abides by the Egyptian education law and it is founded in 2002. The university offers various undergraduate courses like Engineering, Integrated science degrees, Humanities and Arts, Business studies. postgraduate and masters degrees are also offered by this university. The university is taken care of by the consortium of Egyptians and germans with the aim of a better society. The vision of this university is to provide world-class education and make the world a better place to live.

Alexandria University

Alexandria University is a public non-profitable university which is established in the early 1900s. Initially, it was established as a supportive university to the Fouad University and later it became a separate independent university in the 1940s. The university offers many courses in almost every stream of study. It has a good research output and it is also ranked 900+ in world university rankings. The mode of communication and the course language is English to facilitate international students. This university is also called a Farouk campus. The first Egyptian Nobel laureate is a notable alumnus of the Alexandria University.

Suez Canal University

The university is located and serves in the Suez canal region. In the initial days, the university only had engineering, agriculture, business, commerce, arts as the main courses but now it serves with more than 20 courses in various specialized fields and it produced over 21000 students till date. The university also offers specific certificate courses in many subjects. They have partnerships with various universities across the world and they intend to develop those partnerships to continue the university’s research plan. The university is focused more on the research and it has a very high research output. They are the centre of excellence for pure science courses and they have exceptionally good faculty in those subjects. It is ranked 800+ in world university rankings and 100+ in Arab university rankings. The place in which

university is located has a moderate climate and enough water resources which makes it comfortable for the international students as well.

British University of Egypt

The British University of Egypt has tie-ups with several famous and recognized universities in Europe. This university is located in a prime location of Cairo under the Cairo governance. the British University of Egypt offers more than 90 undergraduate courses and more than 80 postgraduate courses. It has a very high research output with great citations for a research paper published. This university is inaugurated by the most reputed personnel in Europe, the prince of wales was a chief member to inaugurate this university. The university has world-class amenities with a fitness center, centralized state of the art library and many other high equipped laboratories.

Benha University

This is one of the best university serving in the northern Egyptian region. It served more than 100000 students till date and has a great list of notable alumni, The university focuses on research as any other good university but it has a very high number of research outputs. the papers published are hugely validated. The university has all the facilities to make their 5% of international students feel comfortable. The university is diversified in culture and heritage and it also has student exchange programs with European universities. The climate is not too dry but it is suitable for living though the summers might be a little humid. The water resources are abundant which makes any living comfortable.


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