Fishing in Egypt

List of the Best Places to go Fishing in Egypt

Fishing in Egypt

List of the Best Places to go Fishing in Egypt

The Egyptian tradition of fishing dates back as far as 2000 BC to time when pharaohs ruled the nation. They are considered to be the founders of fishery and have invented numerous methods for luring and catching that are still used by many today.

Whether it’s for recreational or professional purposes, the ancient and storied land of Egypt is considered to be one of the best – if not the best – countries for fishing tourism in the world. It’s climate, abundance of sea life, and it’s availability at any time of the year make it one of the most attractive places to fish for the experienced and beginners alike.

Lake Nasser

Formed as a result of a dam construction along the Nile river, Lake Nasser is situated at the southern most part of Egypt and the northern most part of Sudan. It has a surface area of approximately 2000 square miles which makes it one of the largest man-made-lakes in the world and is regularly flooded by the Nile river at certain times of the year. To be clear, Lake Nasser refers to the name of the lake on the Egyptian side of the border (in which more than 80% of the lake resides); on the Sudanese side it is known as Lake Nubia.

A fishing enclosure was built on the lake and fishing has quickly become a tourist attraction for both locals and foreigners. Fishing on the lake may be done either on the shore or on boats with full view of the ancient temple of Abu Simbel and the statue of Ramses II offering a very scenic picture. Because of this, Lake Nasser is the best place to fish if you would also like a little flavor of ancient and modern structural wonders thrown into the mix. When Fishing in Lake Nasser you will probably want to check out the best telescopic fishing rods before you arrive there.

Sharm El Sheikh

On the Sinai Peninsula, along the Red Sea strip, Sharm El Sheikh stands as a center for tourism and trade in Egypt. Once serving as a local base for fishing operations, the city has grown into a hub for tourism, trade, and diplomacy and yet managed to still retain its roots as a center for fishing in Egypt.

Boasting a year-round hot climate and clear blue waters, Sharm El Sheikh is offers a than hospitable environment for the avid fisherman. It’s underwater ecosystem can support so much biodiversity that it has at least 250 different kinds of coral reefs and 1000 different species of fish. This is certain to make your catches as enjoyable as it is surprising with each day of fishing.

Marsa Alam

Every since the opening of Marsa Alam International Airport, the town has been seeing a steady increase of development as a notable sight for tourist attractions and historical landmarks. It is situated in Egypt’s south-eastern shores of the Red Sea and can display much steadier climates than Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh.

Fishing in Marsa Alam is done off-shore on boats away from snorkelers and divers; avoiding marine life reserves in accordance with the town laws and to preserve the very biodiversity that makes fishing possible.

Gulf of Suez

Considered to be the most productive fishing ground in Egypt, the Gulf of Suez accounts for more than 60% of the total fish production in the Red Sea. The gulf is home to more than 700 species of fish; 80% of which is reef associated and most of which are native to the sea itself. Fishermen may fish on the shores of the many towns that litter Egypt’s western coast or rent a boat to go farther into the sea to catch larger and/or more exotic gains.

However, Global warming has already begun to dwindle the local fish population so fishing must be done with the necessary permits and in moderation.


Another town that has beginnings as a small fishing village, Hurghada – from the start of the 20th century onward – has grown into one of the main tourist centers for Egypt’s western coast. It’s climate is warm and temperate and it’s waters a clear and calm.

There are a number of fishing charters in the area along the coast that will allow you to engage in some deep sea fishing activities and you may find a number of locals fishing from the shore along the north of the city as well. It is important however to ask before fishing from the shoreline as it might be frowned upon by local government officials.

The Mediterranean Sea

Almost every civilization that grew up on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea depended heavily on it’s aquatic bounty. The Egyptians were no exception to this as they too participated in fishing the sea heavily throughout the millennia and still do today.

This body of water offers a diverse but balanced aquatic ecosystem that is sure to offer favorable catches for any fisherman looking for fun and challenging time. Shore fishing on the banks of the Mediterranean is possible but it is more advisable to just rent one of the small wooden motor-boats available and go farther out into sea for a better chance of catching. The Mediterranean Sea is also known as the home of the famous Blue Tuna fish though sadly its numbers have dwindled due to over-fishing.

The Nile

It really isn’t considered Egypt without the fabled Nile river that runs through it. Arguably the longest river in the world, the Nile cuts through 11 countries and is the main water source for the countries of Egypt and Sudan. Everybody fishes of the river Nile and have been doing so for thousands of years. The River Nile was considered to be the most bountiful river in all of the ancient world and fish like catfish and tilapia, dried or fresh, was a staple in any Ancient Egyptian household and is still considered to be so today.

Fishing of the shore is possible and considered quite a normal activity by the locals. There are also a number of motor and sail boats that can take you to the center of the river in the deepest parts. It is, however, not available all-year-round due to the seasonal flooding.


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