List of best shipping companies in Egypt

List of Best Shipping Companies in Egypt

Did you know that 8% of the world’s maritime trade passes through the Suez Canal in Egypt? Egypt also has an excellent shipping capability across the globe, thanks to its perfect geographical positioning. Many companies have been developed to connect Egypt to the world through cargo shipping. Here is a list of the best shipping companies in Egypt that will safely deliver your cargo to any destination.


DHL Worldwide Express

Whether you are looking for parcel and document shipping or freight shipping, DHL is the top of the pack specialist to hire. DHL ships worldwide and offers out of the box services such as reliable cargo tracking solutions.

Phone no: +202 259 43200

International Logistic System

This is one of the fastest-growing freight shipping companies in Egypt. Intending to support the Egyptian economy and international trade, this Company offers premium shipping services.

Phone no: 02-2268-3380 or 0109-1607-333


This is a highly advanced shipping company in Egypt developed to connect people with goods and services. Here, you enjoy the timely delivery of goods to over 200 countries in the world. If you are looking to explore the best business opportunities worldwide, this is the perfect Company to hire.

Phone no: 0020222687888/999

BS Marine Survey

This Company was established in 2006 and specializes in logistics and surveying activities. With this Company, you will not only enjoy chattering all kinds of cargos but also surveying services such as cargo condition surveying.

Phone no: +2 010095222051

Egy Logistics

With a customer satisfaction rate of about 98%, this is one of the best companies to sort out all your shipping needs. Egy Logistics offers all resources revolving imports, exports, local transportation and international sea and air freight services.

Phone no: 0224442316

Unicorn International

This is a sea and air shipping company located in Cairo, Egypt. Unicorn international offers international freight forwarding services. Their services have helped many businesses sell their products to highly reliable global markets.

Phone no: (2) 012 – 780 0052 – 012-110 7290

Nile Logistics International

Are you looking to have a stress-free time when your products are being shipped to other countries? Mostafa’s Nile Logistics International is the perfect solution for you. This Company was created in 2008 with the goal of offering satisfactory logistics and shipping services.

Phone no: +2 02 22692714 / 9 or +2 02 22667529


Aramex offers cargo shipping services all over the world at very competitive prices. With Aramex, you will enjoy high-end services such as comprehensive transportation and freight forwarding. This is one of the shipping companies in Egypt that quickly adapts to changing customer’s preferences.

Phone no: +20 2 22661842(El Nozha)


This is a third-party logistics services provider offering highly customized shipping services in Egypt. The Company is also known for its highly versatile warehouses. This, plus the effective shipping services, makes Logistica a highly preferred shipping, logistics and freight company.

Phone no: (+202) 377 422 37

Universal for Shipping & Customs Clearance

By specializing in shipping and customs clearance since 2001, customers using this Company enjoy premium services. This Company is led by experts who try their best to improve shipping operations across a global platform.

Phone no: 01068401500

Global Trans Iris- GTI

Is one of the shipping companies that have been operating in Egypt for a long time. This means that you can trust it with all your shipping needs. The highly experienced workforce, coupled with highly competitive prices, has made GTI a favorite shipping company for many people.

Phone no: (02)-24144228

City Freight co

City Freight organizes the professional transportation of goods all over the world. They are known for highly trained workers who offer premium customer services, timely and safe shipping. Here, you will also get a fair quote of the cost you will incur by using their shipping resources with no hidden additional charges.

Phone no: (+20) 0222622469

Sorial Logistics

Are you looking for highly personalized shipping service? This is the Company to hire. Sorial logistics offer services including airfreight consolidation, sea freight shipments, warehousing and door-to-door goods delivery.

Phone no: (20) – 02 – 2240 1515 / 2240 0409 / 2240 1020

Voltrans Global Logistics

This is a private shipping company developed in the year 2007. The services here are highly personalized thanks to the highly skilled workforce and updated technology. Voltrans offer high-end services including sea and air freights, transshipment, warehousing and door to door cargo delivery service.

Phone no: +02 0128 2904 393 + 02 012 027 50 550

Mediterranean Shipping Company

This Company has remained a stable partner for many businesses in Egypt by offering professional shipping services. With a presence in over 150 countries, this Company can help you trade your products in major economies throughout the world. MSC has also embraced digital shipping to help them reach out to many people.

Phone no: +20 3 488 4000

First Global Logistics

Developed to offer premium shipping services, First Global Logistics has helped many clients transport their products worldwide. This Company has maximized a lot in the sea and air freights, project cargo and customs clearance.

Phone no: 0020348 35267


If you want a taste of modern shipping, this is the perfect Company to hire. This Company has branches and shipping facilities spread all over Egypt to cater to most people’s shipping needs. The innovation seen in this Company has left many customers to believe that things can only get better.

Phone no: +33 (0)4 88 91 90 00 (head office)

Cairo Freight co

This Company has won the trust of many people in Egypt because of its reliable and cost-effective shipping. Here, you can enjoy premium services, including packing and distribution, insurance and warehousing.

Phone no: (+202) 2267 7003, (+202) 2268 1168, (+202) 2267 7082

With these comprehensive shipping companies in Egypt list, it is clear that the shipping industry is highly valued in this country. Now that you have the contacts of the best shipping companies in Egypt, all you have to do is reach out to one and get all your shipping needs sorted.