list of architecture companies in Egypt

List of Best Architecture Companies in Egypt.

Architecture refers to the process and product of designing and construction of structures or buildings. The products or works of architecture generally are perceived as religious symbols or works of art. Egypt is one of the countries with one of the best architectural designs that span over millions of years. These ancient designs have influenced the formulation of various architectural companies. It’s true that behind each architectural company, there’s a story. It is the same as the numerous flourishing architectural companies in Egypt. Their stories, just like ancient art, can be told through the ingenious breathtaking scenes spread throughout Egypt. Like their predecessors in the past, the current architectural consulting firm in Egypt is trying to propagate their traditions by creating spectacular architectures based on the former Egyptian cultures.

architecture companies in Egypt

Today numerous spectacular real estate developments in Egypt are spread throughout the country, which bears a torch of architectural distinction which is believed to have been passed down through incumbent generations to date.

Below is a list of some of the best architectural companies of the current generation in Egypt.


Established in the year 1995 by chief designer Yasser Al-Beltagy in Cairo, the Yasser Al Beltagy Architects has hogged the architectural market over the years for its creative and unique designs. The company has worked on more than 1200 projects ranging from educational, corporate, cultural, recreational, industrial, religious, and commercial worldwide. It has also participated in numerous competitions worldwide. It has won 10 first place prizes, 4 for second place prizes, 3 for third place, and two honorable mentions with three architectural awards.

The company, also in partnership with Dar Almimar between 2003-2011, created several successful broad range projects. The company’s success is based on its philosophy of following the highest ethical standards and business conduct.

Some of the iconic projects completed by the company include:

• Qatar embassy in Somalia

• Eden Residential compound in Zambia

• The OUD compound in Egypt

• The Science City in Egypt.

• Fahed Althami Office Building in Qatar.

• El Rawda Medical Centre –Mistry of Health in Kuwait.

• The Pan African Parliament in South Africa.

• The Supreme Court of Justice in the UAE (United Arab Emirates.)

• Ministry of Health In the UAE ( United Arab Emirates)

You can contact the company through their phone number: +2 (02) 22 66 22 60 or +2 (02) 22 66 22 67

2. Mona Hussein Design House-MHD-

Formed the year 1993, the Mona Hussein Design House-MDH- is one of the renowned architectural companies that has remained rooted in its core values in innovations based on the latest trends. Initially, the company was recognized for its unique, comprehensive, and romantic designs in hospitality, medical sales, exhibition booths, mock-ups, and commercial spaces. But the growth in Urban and Real estate development forced the company to collaborate with the build and design companies in and outside of Egypt hence steering its services to a new level that encompassed landscape, branding, consultancy, and architecture services.

The company also has been awarded various prizes for its spectacular work in multiple projects. Some of those prizes include The Gold Award of the International Council of Shopping Centre, The Wadi Food Eco-friendly store and restaurant, and A’ design award 2019 Bronze for the Na3na3 Restaurant. The company was also a team member, which was awarded the Top Mediterranean Resort in 2018.

Some of the Iconic projects completed by the company include:

• Hyde Park clubhouse in Egypt

• Na3Na3 Restaurant in Egypt

• International residential types Fouka Bay with Tatweer Misr in Egypt

You can contact the company through their phone number:+ 002 0122749 8221

3. ARKAN Consultants.

Since the year 2004, ARKAN (which refers to a pillar in English) consultants has been considered one of the largest architectural designers nationally in Egypt and internationally. Their services come in handy, ranging from architectural to interior design to animations. They also cover several architectural areas, including business modeling, refurbishment, site supervision, electromechanical, sustainable, and environmental design. The company has been awarded numerous prizes for its services, including the ISO 9001:2008 in recognition of its architectural management system’s quality. The company’s advancement can be seen through the countless iconic projects it has completed both naturally and internationally. Some of those projects include:


• WEST LAND in Kenya

• ATIKA, New Capital –Egypt

• SERRANO, New Capital –Egypt

• ELEVEN, New Capital –Egypt.

• JAMIA MALL, Kenya.

• OZONE, New Cairo-Egypt

• ELEGANT, New Cairo –Egypt.

You can contact the company through their phone number: (+202) 23520219- 23520391.


The AURA Egypt Company generally has an overall experience of 20 years in various sectors, including urban planning, architecture, interior designing, and landscape, which has enabled them to acquire incredible levels of expertise in designing both small scale and large scale projects. The company is renowned for its profound commitment to various projects in diverse sectors, including hospitality, residential, and academic. Their dedication is based on the urge to create unique designs for multiple projects hence providing solutions to various entities.

Some of the company’s iconic projects include:

• The Office Complex

• King Saudi University, which is located in Sinai.

• Jefaira-the Furl.

You can contact the company through their Phone number: +20 2 37966276

5. Ldp +Partners.

The abbreviation LDP stands for Liberta’ Di Pensiero(which, when translated into English, stands for Liberty of thinking) refers to architectural, interior designing, site supervision, and engineering firm certified MENA and GULF regulations in Architecture and Engineering. The company has numerous experienced architects with a passion for working in architectural and urban projects. The firm has national and international branches, including Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Cairo units- Egypt, Istanbul-Turkey. It’s also a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Some of the iconic projects for this company include:

• Al-Riyadh Hospital KSA

• The Crystal Tower New Capital in Egypt

• Al-Rawda Towers Al-Madinah-KSA

• Jizan Icon Tower Jizan- KSA

• Al-Rasheed Tower, Kuwait.

You can contact the company through their Phone number: +202 25162456.


Founded in 1995 as an Egyptian stock company, the AMG Company has made a name for itself in the numerous multi-disciplinary specializations in diverse Architectural sectors, including the provision of sustainable solutions for engineering and various consultancy services. The company using Cairo as its headquarters has completed numerous landmark projects in Egypt hence formulating a solid international base mainly in the MENA region. It has ongoing and completed projects including feasibility studies, evaluations, project management, due diligence, procurement services, construction management, properties, and site appraisals in various countries such as; UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Qatar, Libya, Sudan, and Angola.

The company’s’ iconic projects include;

• Hilton Riyadh

• The Universal group new factory

• The Nile sugar industrial park

You can contact the company through their phone number: +20 2 25177670.


The ELGOHEIMI architects were formed in the year 1983. Over the years, the company has gained popularity due to its unique innovative and contemporary designs for its diverse clients and aesthetics. The company has an established team of over 30 engineers, consultants, and architectural experts with enough experience ranging from sustainable designs to modern to classical, serving numerous sectors, including Education, medical, hospitality, corporate, residential, and recreational industries. It’s critical to note that those experts only focus on four key areas in all those sectors, including site supervision, consultancy, interior design, and architecture.

Some of the iconic projects this architectural company has worked on includes:

• Conrad Hotel

• Felo Fashion Palace

• EG Bank Headquarters.

You can contact the company through their Phone number:+20 / 127393923

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