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Kids Nurseries in New Cairo – Biggest List

Egypt is one of the countries with the most significant overall education system in North Africa and the middle east. When they come into existence, kids immediately occupy a place in our hearts that we cannot fill with anyone or anything else. We watch as they grow into little human beings, and in a few years, we have to send them into nurseries in their first experience in the real world. Nurseries in new Cairo provide a safe, enjoyable, and smooth transition from toddlerhood to primary school. Nurseries are instrumental in the kind of people the kids grow up to be; hence parents need to pick the best for the development and future of their kids. Below is an exclusive look at the biggest list of kids nurseries in New Cairo. 

kids nurseries in new cairo

Kids Camp

Kids Camp is one of the best and most spacious nursery campuses in New Cairo. The nursery has all kinds of fun activities to give the kids the best fun. These fun activities are incorporated into the education system in an efficient style. It has two huge swimming pools so that you will know the kids will not be stuck in the classroom all summer long. The nursery contains a Canadian checkpoint system that allows parents to monitor the development of their kids. 

Tel: 0102 854 4266

Learning Tree Nursery

Learning Tree Nursery does not educate children; it is a hub of raising successful humans. This nursery is dedicated to preparing kids emotionally and academically for international school interviews. Kids from three months old to four years old are welcome to the nursery and have a wide range of fun activities to keep them happy and lively. Some of the fun activities include; garden play, handcraft, and artwork, cooking and baking, drama, storytime, summer camps, and music. Maximize your child’s potential by taking him/her to this nursery.  

Tel: 010119993980

Irish School Cairo

Irish School Cairo does not need an introduction to many people as they have established an excellent reputation that precedes them. According to research statistics, the nursery has devoted a hundred percent attention to children with experienced teachers who are passionate about kids. The school is in its own league in the field of academics, and it’s probably one of the best nurseries to prepare your kid to join an international school. The nursery also excels well in security and safety, food, play areas, quality of the classrooms, and parent communication. This is one of the perfect nurseries in New Cairo provided by the Irish School.

Tel: +201000904968

list of nurseries in New Cairo

Leap Development Hub 

This is another excellent nursery in New Cairo. Leap Development Hub mainly focuses on education, creativity, physical, cognitive, and health needs. The nursery has adopted a 360 inclusive approach to skill-development and learning. It provides you with a fun large campus that contains different theme-based environments to increase intelligence and creativity. If you want your kid to have one of the best school experiences and fun, this is the right nursery to take your kid.  

Tel: 0101 388 8855

Little Hearts Nursery

When it comes to fostering its culture and engaging activities, the premium top priorities of the nursery are superb language skills, undiscovered talents, and polite manners. They have a professional staff that ensures your kid gets the best teaching quality and to see the young stars move out of their comfort zones and make the first steps of being exceptionally well-behaved and talented adults. The nursery accepts kids from three months to school age and operates from 8 am to 4 pm with an additional two hours available for late duties. There is a set of interesting, fun activities for some fun.

Tel: 01009006979

Under 5 Preschool

Under 5 Preschool has a large six branches spread across Cairo with one of their most prominent branches located in New Cairo. The nursery focuses on developing the physical, intellectual, and emotional attributes of the child. According to the feedback from parents, the education standard is at the par, security is maximum, and hygiene standards are excellent. There are several physical activities to keep them healthy and fit, plus the teachers and staff are caring and friendly. Taking your id to this nursery will give you a breath of fresh air. 

Tel: +201001422152

Al Arqam Academy

This nursery has tremendously gained popularity over the years. It incorporates three languages, including English, Quran, and Arabic, and children from as early as fifteen months to 13 years. The nursery has plenty of fun activities for the kids, such as gymnastics, Puppet Theater, Music, Trips, and Bazile. The arrival and departure time are 7 am to 4 pm, and transportation is available. They ensure that the kids enjoy their time and learn new things to their full potential. 

Tel: 01007141219

kid playing in New Cairo

Olivier Nursery

Hurry up and take your kid to Olivier Nursery in the summer. The nursery assures parents that the kids will learn and have the ultimate fun by taking part in various diverse activities. The teachers and staff offer genuine respect and appreciation for the kids, which makes the kids develop trust with them, and feel free to explore and develop their skills. They provide children with crucial skills that will help them physically, socially, and educationally as well as prepare them for school. The nursery accepts kids from one year to ten years, and transportation is available within New Cairo for an extra cost. 

Tel: 01000018128

Le Palmier Nursery

Le Palmier Nursery is one of the best for your child with a trusted reputation and a cozy, warm atmosphere perfect for kids. The nursery does not take anything by chance when it comes to security and has a 24/7 monitored CCTV system, on-site medical supervision, and intelligent security guards. The teachers have a great passion for teaching and caring kids and have the need experience to prepare your child to join primary school. Also, the nursery scored in terms of hygiene inspection tests assuring of keeping your child free from any illnesses. This nursery is highly recommendable to all parents.  

Tel: +20233034630

Learning for kids


These are some of the best and biggest kids’ nurseries in New Cairo. Taking your child in any of these nurseries guarantees a good foundation for the long journey of education. However, if you are missing a special nursery that your child is attending and you think it deserves to be on this list, you can let us know. 


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