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Compounds In New Cairo – UPDATED 2020

Best compounds in New Cairo you will find on this page. While you’re trying to find the right property nowadays is getting harder because you have to go through multiple stages filled with many questions that cannot be answered all at once. You will go through such questions as – Where to live? Should I choose the right apartment or consider a house? Would it be better to rent or buy the place now? Which is better, a compound area or a non-compound neighborhood? 

When it comes to the last question, there are many aspects to look into specifically into this topic such as different sizes, kinds of properties available and the class of residents that reside there and much more to consider after that as well. Nobody can really decide for you which is better, living in a compound property or not. This article will make you decide which is best for you and the top compounds in New Cairo to consider your options along the way and which would be better for you and your family members.  

Compounds in New Cairo

There are many advantages when it comes to living in a well-known compound among the rest, according to fellow residents there are 4 things to remember that will benefit you with your living needs such as: 


This is probably one of the main reasons people would choose a compound area to live in rather than a non-compound area and that main reason is security. It is obviously one of the top advantages in living in a compound, once you are inside you are safe from all of the danger that can occur outside the gates as well as knowing that visitors are limited to the residents who are inviting and nobody random is going back and forth among the area which would keep all the unwanted interference from outside the compound keeping you protected within the crew of security and cameras which is ensured among all the residents of the chosen compound that they are provided with the maximum level of privacy. 


Compounds are created with the concept of providing their residents with proper luxury and services so that they won’t have to go outside often looking for household goods, services and entertainment of their choice. Most compounds that are well known and have limited residents will cover all the basic needs and necessities as well as providing entertainment and services that you can’t find elsewhere.  One of the major advantages of living in a compound in Egypt is not having to deal with the daily hassle of finding a parking space reserved for you whether you are looking for an outdoor space or indoor, it will always be available for you and you won’t have to pay extra to anyone to reserve the place for you. Some compounds can actually provide transportation services for their residents from one place to another, which counts as a huge advantage for those who commute daily around the city. 


Residents among the compound are usually limited within their numbers, and due to this fact, you will find that is quite difficult to find a compound that is crowded or full of noise and problems, on the contrary, most of the compounds provided below are quiet and peaceful. Which gives their residents the chance to relax, sleep, take a walk or just simply enjoy their peace of mind. 


Most people love the outdoors even if they have to secure themselves well enough to enjoy the scenery that is provided among most of the compounds. When it comes to the top compounds they usually offer some of the greatest features concerning scenery such as green areas, ponds and fountains as well as pools that can also be present in most of the compounds. 

The reality in Egypt as well as other countries in the Middle East is that those who have a stable income or are well off among the rest such as expats and high end families usually tend to lean towards being future residents of any compound. The word “compound” is simply a noun used to describe an area containing a large number of houses and apartments built together and owned usually by the same company or owner. Some of the best compounds in Egypt are located in New Cairo. New Cairo has a short history when it comes to living standards as it was established in a short amount of time but don’t let time fool you because it contains some of the best places and attractions to visit nowadays. The neighborhood among New Cairo is one of the highest new cities being taken seriously as it contains all the services that you may need in addition to many international headquarters for multinational companies around.  Located in the convenient place nearby all the main places among Cairo such as Nasr City, Maadi, the ring road (highway) and not too far away from the airport as well. It includes all the best services that can be provided, utilities and national and international schools for your children to be enrolled. Not to mention including national and hospitals that are specialized in their own departments, international institutions such as all the major banks as well as providing some of the best malls available in Egypt like Cairo Festival City Mall, Downtown Mall, Meeting Point and 7 stars Mall. 

The following entertainment and recreational places can also be found in New Cairo such as New Cairo Park, Family Park, Magic Planet as well as clubs like Royal Sports Club, Wadi Degla Club and Sky Club. 

If you are pursuing to find the top compounds available in New Cairo, then look no further. We have gathered a list of the top compounds in New Cairo. 

Best Residential Compounds In Cairo – What You Should Know?

Best Residential Compounds Cairo

This compound includes Egypt’s first and largest Golf course if you are looking to swing away during your afternoon as well as providing one of the best gyms in the world which is Gold’s Gym. The compound also provides a clubhouse for its residents, health club and a center for kids. Katameya Heights is located less than half an hour away from Cairo International Airport which is accessible through Katameya Road, the Ring Road (Highway) as well as Saad Zaghloul. The starting price for villas among the compound per meter starts from 80 thousand Egyptian Pounds as the average price for apartments in the compound per meter starts from 35 thousand Egyptian Pounds. 


Considered one of the best compounds in New Cairo, Lake View Residences stretches over 77 acres and is located near the American University in Cairo in the 5th Settlement as well as Future University, Concord Plaza, American Plaza, Meeting Point and Point 90. It also contains 118 residential buildings, different methods of entertainment, shopping malls, parks, and artificial lakes. The compound is quite extraordinary and new designs that were designed by a professional Greek company. Lake View is easily accessible through road 90, Ring Road and Suez Road as well. The compound contains many facilities such as different kinds of gyms, spas, gardens, swimming pools, clubhouses and even a commercial area that is well secured and protected among the security crew. The starting price for villas per meter is 25 thousand Egyptian Pounds as the starting price for apartments per meter is 16 thousand Egyptian Pounds. 


Known as one of the most successful developments which is built in a unique manner that makes their community surrounded by positivity and happiness among everywhere in New Cairo. The neighborhood among the compound share somewhat of the same lifestyle, health and security measures which is top class. Mountain View provides different kinds of parks for pets or recreational uses such as jogging tracks and can also be provided for yoga classes and outdoor activities and sports as well as well-known restaurants and cafes. The compound is located minutes away from the best attractions in the heart of New Cairo which is also about 15 minutes away from the American University in Cairo which is accessible to the whole city through the Ring Road (Highway) as well. Mountain View is conveniently located around road 90 with all its broad attractions and some of the city’s biggest shopping and entertainment areas. The average price for buying property among this compound is no lower than a million and a half Egyptian Pounds. 


Strategically located in road 90, to further assist their residents to not only keep them safe inside the compound but as well to keep their social lives constantly active with all the attractions available around the area of road 90. The compound provides a central park and a community center as well as tremendous landscape views and swimming pools. The starting price to own a property in the compound is 950 thousand Egyptian Pounds. 


Arabella Compound is located next to the German University in Cairo that is in the 5th settlement and is about one minute away from Katameya Heights. It provides full time security as well as a health clinic and country club for all their residents in the compound. Being that it is close in location to Katameya Heights, you would be surprised to know that most of the properties in this compound is about 25 to 35 percent less than the properties provided in the Katameya Heights compound which for most people is a bargain within itself but of course there are masterpieces with their own luxury price as well. The starting price for villas in this compound start from 5 million Egyptian Pounds.  


Also considered as one of the best compounds in New Cairo, Moon Valley Compound expands over 71 acres as it is located in the golden square and 5th settlement which is near to the Future University as well as the Cairo International Airport and the American University in Cairo. Unlike most compounds, this compound is characterized by using solar energy in generating their electricity which is not very common nowadays to find such a place in Cairo. Moon Valley compound provides health clubs, swimming pools, shopping malls, places of entertainment as well as a children’s music academy, art gallery and many other services that can be solely enjoyed by the residents of the compound. 


Swan Lake Residences is well known among the residents of New Cairo as one of the top compounds provided in that area. The compound consists of over 182 villas expanding over 100 acres with great landscape areas as well as complete privacy and protection provided by the top end staff of security. Besides being one of the most luxurious compounds in New Cairo, it also has amazing fitness/sports facilities not to mention one of the top destinations in New Cairo, the well-known restaurant of Kazouko. 

  • SODIC 

The vision of this compound is to provide its residents with the best living spaces that are safe, functional, attractive yet modern and within the easiest reach towards urban essentials. The homes provided in this compound harness the beauty of its surroundings, while reflecting the overall sense of its community suited with different needs, tastes and lifestyles. Sodic Residences offers a variety of living spaces tailored to your needs, overlooking beautiful nature and theme parks as well. The buildings and villas are arranged quite exclusively offering the best for their residents at all times. 


Waterway compound is known as the ultimate “work hard – play harder” opportunity that provides the perfect blend of luxury, security and convenience. The compound is centrally located in New Cairo, it is a development that offers upscale apartment units, very appealing retail storefront opportunities for those who are looking to creating or making their own business ventures as it conveniently offers office space for their buyers. The Waterway compound is an Idea Verde project that includes spacious modern apartments as well as appealing retail and office spaces that provides you with a life that you deserve which is far from the average person. The mixed-use nature of the project allows certain positive synergies to evolve into a functioning community which will satisfy the basic needs and wants of the residents. It is a great place with plenty to offer such as fancy restaurants that satisfy your cravings as well as it is also highly recommended to use the underground parking that is provided there which is more than likely that you will always find a spot there for parking regardless if you are a resident or not. It is a compound that is highly crowded and very popular place as well as very well designed and organized in a manner that keeps their cleanness maintained. Waterway offers a huge selection of chill-out destinations such as cafes and restaurants, supermarkets, banks and beauty salons. 


If you are seeking to find the place that feels like home then you should definitely make your way to River Walk and make unforgettable moments with your beloved friends and family into the hands of professionals because everyone wants to follow trends and River Walk compound is proud enough to become the new trendsetters offering their residents only the best experience possible. The residents of River Walk are offered a wide range of properties from one bedroom to 5 bedroom apartments in addition to townhouses, twin houses- villas and even palaces with the most exceptional views. 


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