Giant turtle in Marsa Allam

Complete List of Reasons Why You Must Travel to Marsa Allam

Giant turtle in Marsa Allam

Egypt is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in the world. The reason being that Egypt boasts of unique and numerous tourist attraction sites for enjoying a once in a lifetime trip. Egypt has pyramids, interesting culture, rich history, paradise beaches, and bustling marine life. One of those beautiful places in Egypt that you should visit is the magical Marsa Allam.

If you Travel to Marsa Allam, you will realize why this is a beautiful destination that is popular among both local and international tourists. The town is located about 700 kilometers and 270 kilometers from Cairo and Hurghada respectively. Marsa Allam used to be just a small fishing village positioned on the west coast of the Red Sea, Southeast of Egypt.

At present, Marsa Allam is a tourist resort that has continued to receive continuous and rapid development, especially with the construction of Marsa Allam International Airport. The beauty of this sea resort still remains having not been harmfully affected by modernization.

Marsa Allam Villages

This tourist resort town is mainly composed of two villages which are Bernice and Abu El Hassan Al Shazly. The village of Bernice is famous for its therapeutic tourism while Abu El Hassan Al Shazly is famous for being an Islamic center and hence does not have anything much to offer Western tourists.

Marsa Allam also is home to numerous key marble and gold mines in Egypt with some having been used since the period of ancient pharaohs.

Delicious Beach Breakfast

Many tourists in this area prefer to go to the beach in the morning and have breakfast because during this time the beach has wonderful white sand, shining sun, and crystal clear water. Most of the hotels nearby also have colorful and amazing gardens providing a great setting for having breakfast.

The appealing tree and flower gardens guarantee that you will enjoy your visit to the beaches of this location.

Numerous Morning Activities

When you go to the beach in the morning, you will see tourists engaging in different activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, etc. Most of the resorts available in this tourist destination also have volleyball, table tennis, tennis, and football. There is even the presence of tennis instructors that can teach both the beginner and advanced tennis players in some resorts.
In the afternoon, it is a common occurrence seeing tourists playing volleyball before going to swim later in the day.

Desert Adventure

There are usually numerous trips organized for those who would like to experience a desert adventure together with the sea holiday. Desert excursions are done using a quad bike, a four-wheel-drive vehicle, or a camel.

To the South-West of Marsa Allam, in the eastern desert mountainous area, in the areas of Wadi Nuqrus, Wadi Gimal, Gebel Zabara, and Wadi Sikeit, you can visit the emerald mining settlements. The mines were exploited widely during the periods of the Ptolemaic and Roman.

This gemstone was used by pharaohs since it was considered an eternity and power symbol.


This is one of the most common activities in this tourist destination. There is the presence of numerous diving centers offering modern diving equipment imported from Europe. There are also European diving centers with branches in Marsa Allam. Some of the top diving centers in this beautiful port city include Ocean Pro, Deep South, Aquarius, and Wadi Gimal.

Pioneer’s diving center, hosted by the Qamaraya hotel, is one of the oldest diving centers in this tourist destination and also offers professional diving instructors giving lessons in English, Italian, Spanish, and German for beginner and advanced divers.

The Dolphin House, or the “Shaab Samadai”, is an incredibly popular diving spot because it allows divers a chance to swim beside dolphins and see the oldest formations of Red Sea coral.

If you want to view sharks while diving, then you have to visit the Elphinstone, one of the best diving locations globally for experienced divers.

Al Nayzak

This is considered to be one of the best scenic spots in Egypt. Also referred to as The Shooting Star, it is located just several kilometers from this coastal town. Al Nayzak is a natural but unusual formed rock pool. This unique rock formation is believed to have been formed by a meteorite hitting the area. The pool diameter is several meters and it is filled with the Red Sea turquoise blue waters. This scenic place is a must visit.

Vibrant Nightlife

There are numerous things to be done in Marsa Allam at night. You can go shopping to stores selling gifts and souvenirs such as pharaonic replicates, perfumes, silver and gold jewelry, small statues, Bedouin outfits/crafts, and wooden handicrafts.

You can also buy herbs when you travel to Marsa Allam. Some herbs are only cultivated in and around this tourist destination in Egypt. The different herbs can be used for curing different chronic ailments such as hypertension and diabetes.

Beach Parties

Most of the resorts in Marsha Allam offer beach parties for the purpose of entertaining their guests every few days. Beach parties provide the perfect opportunity for mingling through group dances and seeing everyone happy.

International Cuisine and Local Delicacies

There are many top restaurants to choose from in this area. You may be served with a combination of fried meatballs, broad bean puree, and shamy, a local flatbread. You can also be served with shawarma, a meat preparation that is based on the Ottoman Turkey dner kebab. You can also choose to eat Kushari, which consists of black lentils, rice, and macaroni topped with crispy fried onions and spiced tomato sauce.

Marsa Allam is also a preferred Egyptian Tourist destination because it experiences warm and sunny weather all through the year. If you want to enjoy swimming during the middle of winter, just travel to Marsa Allam.

Another place that you should also visit is the Sharm El Luli beach. The name means paradise and this beach is situated 60 kilometers south of the town of Marsa Allam. In Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards of 2018, this beach was rated to be amongst the top 25 beaches in the world. This beach is popular because of its soft white sands and extremely clear water.

You can reach Marsa Allam by bus, car, or domestic flight. Even though you may prefer flying since it is the fastest traveling means, it is advised that you travel to Marsa Allam by land for you to experience the soothing and beautiful coastal view.


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