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Best 8 Places To Buy Computers in Egypt

Nowadays, it’s very common for individuals or families to have more than one type of computer in their household. If you’re looking to carry your computer around or even on vacation then you would obviously need to purchase a laptop and if mobility isn’t your concern then it is best to purchase a desktop. Most people seem to forget that when you purchase a desktop, it’s very likely that you’ll get better performance for the same money that you would pay for a laptop not to mention it’s a much more flexible form in case you are looking to customizing your machine once you buy it which is one of the main reasons that many gamers would choose desktops over laptops. Those are the two major categories when it comes to computers but there are several other variations to consider such as the operation system, the processor and even the memory of the computer (RAM). 

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There are many choices among the technological market that it’s quite confusing as the categories and boundaries can make you think twice about what you purchase next. For example, some new desktops can be almost as small and compact as a laptop but you can still easily find a laptop just as powerful as the typical desktop depending on your budget. With everyday passing, the advances in technology are always growing and there are new inventions and better gadgets daily which also makes the choices difficult when it’s time to make one. For example, there are laptops nowadays that you can use as an all-in-one laptop which takes form of a tablet that wouldn’t even need a separate monitor. With the power of modern hardware, they can even provide an average computing experience without having to go past your budget, the only trick is to find the right balance between the price of the product and your needs and interests.  Not all machines are made equally unless you are familiar with the hardware, you might have a hard time determining what is best for you. Not all users of computers needs are equal, which makes certain things included in a computer not so important for certain users if those features are raising up the price. Follow these 3 upcoming steps to assist you in making the right choice when purchasing the best suitable computer for you.

Step 1 – Choose whether you want a laptop or a desktop computer. If you are using it one place and won’t need to move it often then obviously a desktop computer is the choice to go knowing that it will be cheaper and easier to modify. Laptops have the obvious benefit of mobility and being lighter in size but can be more expensive depending on the qualifications.  

Step 2 – Decide which brand you would like to purchase and which brand suites your best needs regarding your computer. Whether you want a PC or a Mac, there are some differences between them that should be taken into consideration. If you are looking to have more software and to spare some money on the side then your best choice would be to choose a PC. But when you are looking to operate easier but little more expensive with more security measures that can be taken then it would be better to choose a Mac. 

Step 3 – The most important step of them all is actually figuring out how much money you are willing to spend on your next computer device. Computers can vary differently in price and its actually easy to go over your head and spend far more than your actual intentions. The best choice to make is to choose the budget that is best for you and your needs and choosing the best computer that can support that budget that you have chosen so you don’t go overboard with the price. It is also best to check more than one store whether online or not to make sure that you get the best for what you paying for and sometimes the prices may change depending on the shop you choose. 

Buying a computer is no easy task especially when it comes to purchasing it in Egypt. There are many different costs and prices of the machines in the market today depending on where you want to buy it obviously. You will always want to make sure that you are making the right choice so you won’t need to blow your money elsewhere which can make your further demands limited within a year. Whether your computer is showing signs of a downfall and is becoming slower and slower within time, or you don’t own a computer of your own and you finally want to decide to join the digital age, a trip to the best computer store is required. The only question is, would it be best to purchase it online or get it from the nearest computer store? Maybe you can find the solution with all the best stores to purchase all your computer needs whether online or at the store. 


Official Website:

Hotline: 19127

Founded: November 1998

Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM 

A dedicated and professional staff of IT engineers and specialist that offer unparalleled level of technical support and offer only the best when it comes to value and service. Customers can even secure their payment of product and can return their product by purchasing something called “SupportMe” program which is practically the store’s warranty service which would help you with what you need, delivery services, cover for accidental damage as well as labor and separate parts if necessary. Their staff is known to be very patient and will take the time to explain every product that you seek and will help you choose what you want according to your budget with reasonable prices among the rest in the market. You can find all your computer and mobile accessories with variable range of prices as the main task for the brand of CompuMe is to create the best experience possible among their customers by having a large network of megastores among Egypt to enhance their best chances when it comes to the value of the shareholders. They have a variety of technological products and brands, whenever you plan to purchase any product from CompuMe, you can atleast guarantee you will not leave the store unsatisfied. 

Computer Shop 

Official Website:

Hotline: 16419

Founded: January 2010 

Working Hours: 9:00 AM – 11:45 PM 

Computer Shop was founded in January 2010 with the hopes of becoming one of the top Egyptian IT shops. Their success relies on their actual slogan which is “Here to Help”. With the highest determination to offer only the best level of care that they can give to their customers. Their staff deals with customers with a friendly attitude in believing that their customers are their friends and that their friends should be well informed about the purchases that they are looking to purchase and the decision that they are about to take and to help the customer make the best choice possible together. Computer Shop offers the largest selection of products from the most well-known brands as well as bringing the latest additions with the best prices available, best technical support and customer care possible. With Computer Shop, your shopping experience and level of service with not be matched, you will have all your questions answered, they will make recommendations and help you compare between similar or better products and will only deliver to you the best solutions. 

Smart Computer Mall (Maadi) 

Location: 25 Masr – Helwan Agriculture Rd, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Wasti, Maadi, Cairo Governorate

Working Hours: 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM 

When it comes to the best prices among locals, there is nothing better than Smart Computer Mall located in the district of Maadi, Cairo. Whether you are looking for purchasing any kind of desktop or laptop even if you are looking to buying something new or used, the Computer Mall got everything you may want regarding technological advances. The best option about this mall is that the mall is based for many small shops that offer either similar products or different products but everything that has to do with all your computing needs. Just make sure that you choose your budget before heading to this mall because you will be surprised by the amount of price changes that can occur from one small store to another so it is best to visit as many stores as you can before you make your final decision. 

Technology Mall (Nasr City) 

Location: Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate (Next to Serag Mall) 

Official Website:

Working Hours: 1:00 PM – 12:00 AM 

Just like the computer mall in Maadi, Technology Mall that is located in Nasr city provide the same services as well in offering small shops that will give you the best that you would want when it comes to your interest of purchase regarding your computer needs. In the Technology Mall, you can find different kind of stores that can be suitable to your budget as well as having the right places to fix your laptop or having all the right accessories that you may need in the future as well. You can find everything that you want and if you can’t find it in one store, you have more than 3 floors of local computer stores that can assist you with what you want but it’s better to go there with a budget in mind so you don’t go overboard and spend more than what you expect. 

Switch Plus (Apple Authorized Service Provider)

Official Website: 

Hotline: 15133

Founded: 1998 

Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM 

Founded in 1998 as a shareholding company, Switch Plus is the premium reseller for Apple in Egypt. With a dedicated staff above 100 employees among the many branches, providing the top Apple products and services for the market in Egypt as well as selling in retail and selling corporately. Switch Plus launched its first store in Mohandessin, which was also the first showroom that exhibited Apple products in Egypt which happened in 2006 as well as being one of the largest stores exclusively selling Apple products and services in the region of the Middle East. The second store opened in the neighborhood of Maadi, under the brand name of “Switch”. Later in 2013, Switch Plus opened their third store in the ever so popular Cairo Festival City Mall as the store provides to the needs of all the Apple users living around that area as well.  Knowing that the Apple market is only growing in the country of Egypt, Switch Plus offers to be the destination for everything Apple including Mac (Desktops and laptops) and providing the best technical support, maintenance and experience all under one store. Being in alliance with many of the international and national banks in Egypt, makes it easier for the customer to purchase their favorite products by purchasing it in installments up to a year with zero percent interest. 

Quality Egypt 

Official Website:

Contact Telephone: 01113366050

Founded: 1998

Working Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Quality Egypt has been founded in 1998 as an individual company and then decided to transform itself to a joint-stock company since the year of 2002. The company then decided to sign with some agencies around the world and most importantly they decided to sign with the famous computer company of HP which specialized in many fields of offering different computer products among the many years. Quality stores in Egypt are specialized in many computing needs whether you want to purchase online or to visit one of their three stores among Egypt, you will know that you will not be disappointed. Quality Stores offer the best service which is standard to them as well as high level customer satisfaction is their main target and main target when it comes to the company. 

Souq Egypt 

Official Website:

Contact Telephone: 02 21602000

Founded: 2005

Working Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 

Established in 2005, is the top e-commerce destination in the Middle East & North African region. Souq actually offers more than 400,000 products across multiple categories including all kinds of electronic gadgets and computers as when new categories are constantly evaluated and launched automatically to keep their customers always feeling up to date. Souq actually is visited by millions of viewers on a daily basis as they are spread among the demographics of regions such as the UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Egypt. Nothing is better than purchasing the product that you are looking for within the comfort of your own home and knowing that it will be delivered and possibly be tracked when it’s on the way to your destination of choice. 

Jumia Egypt 

Official Website:

Founded: July 2012

Founded in July 2012, Jumia is known to be Egypt’s number one online mall with the mission to become the one-stop shop in Egypt providing the best services and products both online and offline. Jumia started their enterprise company with only 3 employees at the time and now Jumia proudly presents a growing number of staff members of 350 young and knowledgeable Egyptians ready to provide you with all the help that you may need to make the decision that you want regarding your product of choice. Being that Jumia is an online marketplace of its own, they present all their products both locally and globally (globally usually takes longer to deliver) but with the benefit that Jumia can deliver to all cities in Egypt no matter your destination.


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