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Best Cinemas in Cairo – Updated 2019

Cairo is one of the most famous cities in the world. The Egyptian capital has plenty of beautiful attractions and monuments such as the famous Giza Necropolis, Pyramid of Djoser, Egyptian Museum and Khan el-Khalili. Besides visiting its destinations, there are plenty of other things to do in Cairo such as exploring the culture, trying the cuisine and watching a movie in one of Cairo’s many cinemas. What makes the cinemas in Cairo so wonderful is not only their architecture but the fact that they have this golden age look. These are just some of the reasons why thousands of citizens go to the movie theatres every week. Here is a list of the Best Cinemas in Cairo that you should visit if nearby:

Cinemas in Cairo Egypt


IMAX is located in the Americana Mall which is part of the Sheikh Zayed. The Sheikh Zayed is one of the cities from the Cairo Governorate that are part of the GCA (Greater Cairo Area). It’s the place to go if you want to see the most famous Hollywood blockbusters. They have steep ticket prices and children below the age of four are not permitted. The price for early shows is 40 LE and for the evening is 60 LE.

• Cine Comfort

Cine Comfort is one of the many theatres that are part of the Americana Plaza Mall. They offer a perfect experience, especially for the viewers who love lounges. The prices for early shows vary from 20 to 25 LE and for the evening shows, they’re between 35—40 LE.

• Plaza Cinema

Also part of the Americana Plaza Mall, the movie theatre has a lot of options. They have ten huge screens used for the viewers’ pleasure. This is actually one of the relatively new cinema complexes in Cairo and it feels really neat, clean and well-organised. Prices for early shows are from 20—25 LE and for the evening they’re from 35 to 40 LE.

• Odeon

Odeon offers some of the cheapest ticket prices in the entire city. It is located in the Downtown area and the quality of both foreign and Egyptian movies is totally crisp. The price for early shows is 15 LE, while for the evening is 20 LE.

• Ramses Hilton

This cinema is located in the busiest part of the Downtown area. Although it has Hilton in its name, the place is not as good as it was once. There are five screens inside that show both English and Arabic movies but the level of service and comfort are not fitting for the Hilton name. Early shows can cost 15 LE and evening can cost 30 LE.

• Renaissance Nile City

It is located in the Nile City Towers, just between Downtown and Boulaq-Shobra. This very famous cinema offers a lot of foreign movies. Unfortunately, for the past few years, they’ve gained a bad reputation because of all the noise and unkempt inside. Prices for early shows cost from 25 to 35 LE and the evening are between 35 and 45 LE.

• Galaxy Cineplex

If you’ve had a hard day of shopping in the Mall of Arabia in the 6th of October City, then the perfect way to relax is spending some time in Galaxy Cineplex. Most visitors are aware of how lush the mall is but the same thing can’t be said for the cinema, mainly because of the rudimentary seating. Tickets for early shows are from 20 to 25 LE and for the evening— 35 to 40 LE.

• Stars Cinema

The Stars Cinema has an impressive amount of theatres. It holds about 13 theatres and it’s located in one of the most beautiful malls in Cairo — Citystars Shopping Mall. They have not only clear theatres but impeccable sound and screen quality. Prices for early shows are from 20 to 25 LE and for the evening from 35 to 40 LE.

• Golden Stars Cinema VIP

The Golden Stars Cinema VIP is located in the Heliopolis area. It offers a variety of movies and is a very good place that people used to chill. Just like the name suggests, it could be among some of the most expensive cinemas in the city. Prices for early shows are from 20 to 25 LE and for the evening between 35–40 LE.

• Royal Renaissance Sun City

The cinema is located in Sun City Mall in Heliopolis. They offer 12 screens and 4 separate VIP screens with VIP lounge. What makes the Royal Renaissance Sun City so special and grandiose is the fact that they offer not only regular but also business tickets for both early and evening shows. Not every cinema in Cairo can say that they have VIP screens, VIP lounges and business tickets. Prices vary from 15 to 35 LE for early shows and 35 to 45 LE for evening shows.

• Bandar

Bandar is one of the smallest cinemas in the town, however, they also have very expensive ticket prices. Just like all of the cinemas, they offer 3D. Despite the 3 screens that they have, Bandar has a lot of foreign and Egyptian films for the viewers. Ticket prices vary from 30 to 40 LE for early shows and 35 to 45 LE for evening shows.

• Galaxy Cinema

The Galaxy Cinema is part of the Manial area. They have 6 theatres in total and they screen all sorts of films — foreign or Egyptian. The place can really leave some sense of gravity and efficiency in its visitors. That is one of the reasons why it’s so dependable and frequently visited. The ticket prices for the early shows is 15–20 LE and for the evening it’s between 30 and 40 LE.

• El Tahrir Cinema

Another very famous cinema in Cairo is the El Tahrir Cinema which is located in Dokki. It’s longstanding and very popular not only because of its location but because it offers normal ticket prices. The theatre offers only one screen and they show only Egyptian movies. Ticket prices depend on the seating. The price for regular seating is 25 LE and for the balcony seating, it’s 30 LE.


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