White Desert Egypt

15 Unbelievable Places To Go Camping in Egypt

White Desert Egypt

Egypt most definitely one of the most prestigious country to go camping as advised by most travel tour guides. Although a large part of the land is covered by desert, believe it or not, it offers the coolest places for settings camps just to mention a few the Aswan, the pyramids always gives travelers the most ancient history of the country heritage and cool travel experience. Several other places in the country offer luxurious comfort to campers as discussed in the following subsections.


It is a fertile basin which is located 50 km away from the Libyan border and lies about 25m above the sea level. It is a versatile place to camp especially due to associated cool climate during the night. In the oasis, there is also Cleopatra`s bath where campers can be able to cool off the heat of a hot day as the pool is filled with water from natural hot springs. And more so campers can be able to get real experience of riding on donkeys as they are still the most common mode of transport in the vicinity. 


These two magnificent places are located about 8 hours travel away from the capital Cairo and believe to be able to give the traveler a cool experience of serenity and calmness that may rather be found anywhere.

Even though these oases are not that famous enough, they offer an ideal place for camping as you camp on the sand and enjoy the desert safari on four-wheel-drive vehicles offer courtesy of mother nature.


Located 370 km away from Cairo this oasis and depression is among the most significant historical destination as it was a very vital point for transit in the Nile valley and caravan tracts for trade. It is commonly known as the black desert due to the dark sky view especially during the night.

The area offers good camping sites at the bottom of the enormous mountains such as the Gebel Maghrafa and Gebel Ghurabi.


Most known as the white desert it is located in the western part of Egypt 45km away from the farafra town. The valley is in a flat area and surrounded by small conical hills known as el – Qunna thus offering a cool place for organizing it as a camping area.

There is also has a cave called Djara Cave where campers can be able to enter and be able to view the natural resource and its mesmerizing beauty. 


Located in the Mt Sinai region Abu Galoum is a natural reserve that covers approximately 400 km square.

It offers a very ideal place for camping due to being in a special topography in the area due to the availability of almost everything. In this place, you are practically to be able to enjoy the beaches, magnificent view of the mountains, sea creatures, lagoons, and the general desert environmental system.

Also in the region, there is the presence of Capra Nubian Ibex found in the reefs and peaks that are virtually inaccessible which are among the coolest in the world.

Campers you cannot be able to get out of Egypt without having the experience of such a fine place and enjoy the camel ride.


Perhaps most people aren’t aware of this gorgeous Red sea coastline place that composed of the natural environment and ever greened by the mangrove trees that offer a human-friendly environment. You can easily go camping in this place, take pictures and you won’t be able to forget the beautiful memories associated with this place where some people refer to it as the Maldives in Egypt.


Located south Sinai in the Nuweiba beach Ras Shaitan is a piece of heaven in Egypt. The place is lined by camps where you can rent or rather you can also go with your tent and set it there.


Ras Muhammad national park is located 20km west of Sharm El Sheikh. It is surrounded by waters from the red sea and contains several species of marine life in the waters. Besides the region having proficient coral reef ecosystems, there is enough space for camping as you enjoy the nature-given environment.


Located 150km away from Cairo it is found in Fayoum desert it is a place that is set aside this place as a whale national heritage museum. The place is ideal for camping as it offers sand for stargazing and sandboarding.


It is a quiet and beautiful environment located dip inside Cairo where it offers a very good and ideal place for camping as it is only a few miles travel from the town center. You can’t afford to meet with such surroundings.


Found in El Fayoum city the Wadi El Rayan reserve is a two hours travel from Cairo the vicinity has falls, springs, mountains, and oases. The area also has wildlife such as the sand foxes, Egyptian gazelles and several rare species of birds.

Purportedly with this beautiful sceneries, it is a cool place for camping because you can also tour the various nature-given goodies.


Located in South Sinai as you head to the saint Catherine city is the Oyun Moussa home of water resources. Research has it that is believed to be the area where Moses stopped as he was leading the Israelites out of Egypt. The waters found in the area are also believed to have the power to heal various illnesses by faith though it hasn’t been medically proven. The area is spacious and offers a good environment as you virtualize the spiritually holy waters.


Found between Nuweiba and Taba cities in Sinai is the gracefully set desert cliff. It has luxurious swimming pool waters that are addictive to come out ones you dive in despite there being the availability of yummy delicacies and drinks as you chill out on the beach beside the decorated restaurant especially during the day and at night enjoy the beautifully shining skies. 


Located 15km south of Taba along the coastline is the blue Fjord. It is a cool beach destination offering crystal clear water, awesome marine life, and eye-catching coral reefs. It is among the unbelievable places you could dream of camping. 


Famously referred to us ’ A Wonder’’ by Egyptians is the blue beach lining located 24km west of Marsa Matrouh. The beach has a very well coming environment and spacious for camping.

As seen from the above-detailed discussions Egypt is a hell of unbelievable gorgeous, cool, environmentally friendly unbelievable places on earth. It won’t be a waste to save and create some time to view these amazing places practically rather than just reading and watching them on social media. Take action and organize it in one of the places if not all.


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