Top 18 Jewelry Shops in Cairo Egypt

Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, has a thriving jewelry trade. If you’re visiting Egypt, you can check some of these best jewelry shops in Cairo Egypt, as most have an online presence meaning you can also trade online from anywhere in the world with them.

  • Azza Fahmy Jewelry House
    Azza Fahmy is an international jewelry trading house which features prominently among the best in fashion palette trade. It has high-level designers who produce unique jewelry designs that use well tested ancient techniques. All their products arehandmade to perfection. It sells some jewelry with timeless stories behind them, and others are modern eclectic and cultural curators. It got listed in Egypt as a jewelry trading company located at 15 Taha Hussein-Mohammed Mazhar-Zamalek, Giza Governorate-Egypt. You can get it through google maps link. Azza Fahmy.
  • Siran Jewelry
    This Siran Jewelry is a new establishment in Egypt, but with firm foundations as its owner is experienced in jewelry trading. You can refer to it as an exclusive trading company, as it deals with luxury gifting boutique items.
    It has a unique and exclusive collection of daily jewelry designs ideal for wearing alone or style and stacks your own. Siran offers jewelry that is modern but with a timeless and trendy design. It is located at Point 90 Mall, -S Teseen 5th settlement, -Cairo Governorate, Egypt.
  • Bajocchi Jewelers
    With Italian origin, Bajocchi is one of the oldest jewelry trading houses in Egypt established in 1900. It has an extensive collection of assorted diamond and gold jewelry. You will even find coins and bullion collections intended for collectors.
    Bajocchi prides itself in having the best master craftsmen and designers, who work on challenging their imagination entirely. They create some of the most excellent products unseen in the competition. You will get them at Degla Mall, 11- Hassan Sabry St,- Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, -Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt.
  • Nomad Gallery- Zamalek Main Branch
  • Nomad gallery will offer you some of the best Egyptian collection of souvenirs and gifts. At the initial stages, they did a lot of travel in Africa and Egypt, discovering strands weaving the rich tapestry forming the diverse cultural mix.
  • That led them to come up with jewelry portraying all those diverse cultures. They, therefore, deal in silver jewelry, cotton scarf, Bedouin rugs, cartouche jewelry, and many more. Their store got located on Zamalek Island.
  • Dima Jewelry
    Dima owned by Dima Rashid has done an excellent service to all jewelry lovers since 2002. It offers the most illuminating diamond jewelry and semi and fully precious stones of exceptional artisanship. Its products get carefully crafted by hand and then tailor-made with a true reflection of Egypt’s past.
    The materials get imported from India and Persia, including specially designed artisanal stones. Their products have got used by international celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Queen Rania, Gisele Bundchen, etc. You can find them at Al Kamel Mohammed, -Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Egypt.
  • Cherif El Sirgany-Joailliers
    This jewelry shop started in 1776 in the capital city, Cairo. Ever since entering the market, it has always excelled in providing the highest quality jewelry.
    To guarantee the quality, the experts working in this company handpick gems and diamonds to produce the right quality
    jewelry. You can reach the company at 37 Abdel Khaleq-Tharwat St.، DOWNTOWN- Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, and Egypt
  • Montblanc Boutique – Cairo First Mall
  • Montblanc is well known for its high quality writing culture. They have operated for over 100 years. The white star in its emblem symbolizes the mountain of Mont Blanc that is snow-covered. It stands for the company’s commitment to the finest and high-quality craftsmanship.
  • The range of products available includes luxury watches, jewelry, leather goods, fragrances, and eyewear. You will find it at 35, Giza Street.-Cairo, 12311, Egypt. Use this number to contact the right support person.
  • Dina Maghawry Designs
    This place is owned by Dina Maghawry who started it four years ago, although from the looks you would think it is older.
    Here you will find elaborate necklaces of opals and diamonds. Most of the jewelry here is enamel free and feature gold-plated copper mixed with semi and fully precious stones.
  • There are some of her handmade designs such as assorted centerpieces like military button, topaz, rubies, and white diamonds. You can find it at Dina Maghawry Designs, 23 Hassan Assemb, Cairo.
  • Charriol Boutique
  • Visit the Charriol to experience the prestigious luxury consisting of fine jewelry, eyewear, accessories, fragrances, and leather goods. The shop started in 1983 through the capable hands of Phillippe Charriol. It is a worldwide company with a network comprising 285 boutiques and 3,800 sale points to distribute the creations of CHARRIOL all over the world. You can find it at Citystars shop 338A, -3 rd Floor – Naser- city, Masaken Al- Mohandesin, Cairo, Cairo-Governorate, Egypt
  • L’Azurde Company for Jewelry
    This company is onto manufacturing, production, forming, and forging all types of golden wares, precious stones, golden alloy, and jewelry. It operates in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Qatar.
    It handles retail and wholesale goods, including glasses, pens, accessories, perfumes, leathers, alloys, silver, and gold wares. It started in 1980 and has principal offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In Cairo, Egypt, it is located at 90, Ring Road,- Cairo Festival City- Mall, Level 2, -Shop 1047, Cairo, -Cairo Governate 11835,- Egypt.
  • Glamour Jewelry
    The Glamour Company started way back in 1997. Currently, it operates four branches in and around Cairo and is onto its way of opening further outlets. It joins hands with other multinational companies like Damas to have a broad perspective. It also deals with companies in Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong, and the UAE.
    The company engages a well-trained team to help you in making your choice. You will find it at 9 Baghdad St, – El-Montaza, Heliopolis, – Cairo Governorate, Egypt
  • CDE Jewelry Egypt
    The CDE Company got founded in Paris, France. In Cairo, Egypt, it operates with over 20 designer members who work on over 100 designs each month. It uses the Swarovsky crystal as its primary material, the necklace gets made with alloy, and the plating contains 18k worth of gold.
    CDE sells its jewelry all over the whole world. Ensure great care gets taken in the designs, with each design getting worked on by professional designers depending on the latest style and fashion. In Cairo, CDE Jewelry is located at google maps link- CDE Jewelry Egypt.

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